Avatars by server



  • ZiM

    devs pls...

  • StepS

    A quick round-up for all the new people coming to this thread (as well as Discord developers if they happen to read this):

    • This suggestion was originally created in 2016 on the old uservoice website (dead link with no web archive copy -- I still blame myself for not making one in time). Titled "Unique Avatar", it had about 10000 upvotes and 1000 comments by November 2018.
    • In November 2018, during the automated carryover of old popular suggestions, the original 10k upvote suggestion was lost. This one (which had only ~300 initial upvotes) was picked instead.
    • Nelly (suggestion poster) is not a user, it is a bot which was used to copy over suggestions from the old website.
    • Discord was asked on Twitter about this feature back in February 2018. They last replied on May 11, 2019 stating that they are "aware of the desire" and have no news to share. (more links in this post). Some people have tried contacting Discord via other means and were redirected to this website.
    • A user has posted earlier in the thread saying that this might already be a thing on API level (judging by the names -- no confirmation, and still no client support).
    • There is a work-around which does not involve using multiple Discord accounts. However, it is not a real work-around. Messages posted this way (webhooks) have no user profile, therefore no role colors or right-click menu, cannot be edited in-place, have the "BOT" marking and require a bot to be installed in every server.
    • A proposal on how per-server avatars should be displayed is in this post.
    • A lot of people (me included) would get this if it was a nitro feature, although there are also many people who say this is a basic feature that should not require a premium subscription.
    • This is the most commented suggestion on the platform. Also, the comment density is about 1 comment per each 5 upvotes (minus the initial ~300 upvotes), which signifies very high interest in the subject.
    • The potential use-cases are obvious: separate avatars by work/school/gaming (which oftentimes are completely incompatible with each other), RP and games with different characters / fandoms. For a lot of people, it is a vital necessity (such as to avoid harassment) and using multiple Discord accounts is unfortunately the only option.
  • Marius

    +1 for this. It’s a bit immersion-breaking to see regular people’s faces in a sci-fi RP chat

  • Sjors

    Now that working from home is more common, I now have the issue where I have work related servers where I am required to have my actual photo as my icon. But on all the gaming related servers I do not want to have my real photo. Please allow me to have different icons per server, it has become more urgent now than ever.

  • Gulaghar

    This would be a great feature. I communicate with different groups in different ways. I'd love my avatar to reflect that.

  • Cam

    Yes, please. Different servers naturally deserve different treatments and attitudes.

    Avatars are a reflection of the person you are trying to be, similar to your manner of speech. This means that it is included in another persons perceptions of your own manners. Just like taking the time to say please and thank you is important, while subtle, it is bad manners to be wearing an avatar not appropriate to the server you are in and can subtly inhibit the conversation.

  • Jamie

    This would be an absolutely fantastic feature! Your profile picture tends to play a lot into how people perceive you on a server, so having the ability to have a different one in different contexts would be wonderful.

  • CrypticDandelion

    This would be amazing to have pls implement

  • Ac3 Oreos

    This would also be great for bots so people who want certiant bots dont have to worry about them having an unrelated profile pic

  • S4R1N

    We seriously need this ASAP!  I've got so many discords where they enforce a strict naming convention and display picture to fit the theme of the group, some to display ranks, some to display your in-game faction or character avatar for RP.

    The sooner we can get this the better!

  • Ohogamer

    This would make my live so much easier. The idea with the default avatar that you can change out on individual servers is pretty good. Please please finally implement this. 
    This seems like such an easy thing to do aswell and if it isn't put it in Nitro, that would be my insentive to buy it!


    I 100% sure the request for this already existed in in the old Dreamland design and had over 6000 upvotes and hundreds of comments. One of those upvotes and comments from me. Where is that one?

    Seems like that was deleted couldn't find it anywhere.

  • AelarTheElfRogue

    This should NOT be a Nitro feature. If I can get this feature with Slack for free, Discord should be able to handle it. 

  • Morgan Spectre

    This is now my second year with Nitro, I keep hoping this will be added.

  • Nitro77

    Honestly, at MINIMUM make it a Nitro feature... If it was a feature i'd have a Nitro subscription in a heart beat..

  • Cis White Matt

    Someone got feedback from the discord team in response to this thread a few days ago.


    Idk how to feel about the response, seems like they're putting this on the backburner but hopefully not yo

  • AmberVael

    As a moderator for a very large discord server for a publishing company, I really need this feature. As it stands, I've had to ask someone to change their avatar since it wasn't the sort of content we wanted on our server - but since avatars aren't server specific, I'm effectively asking them follow server specific rules across all of discord, or be banned from our server. That's not a choice I should have to impose on people.

    Please, add this feature.

  • Yassin


  • TwilightSparkle

    I definitely agree with this. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I don't use the same name as I do on every server I join. Currently, I am a part of 6 servers and I have a different name for all but 2. I do use the same name in 2 of the 6 but aside from that, my username is different so being able to choose a different avatar would be immensely appreciated..

  • crisaasequeira

    I have wanted this to be a feature since I started using Discord, as I run some professional and personal servers.

  • TasiaChiba

    Also +1 this absolutely necessary addition!

  • Azantii

    Yes please! I'd love to keep one avatar in most of my servers and have another to match my role in one or two. Maybe each user has one base picture and can override it per server à la Nicknames, except the base is not visible when this is done?

  • JoshStrobl

    Honestly I'd just be happy if this was a Discord Nitro feature, it'd something I'd pay for.

  • ゼミクシ

    Please please PLEASE make this real!!

    As so many have added, the work-arounds for this right now are god-awful! Having to sign in and out of various accounts just to have unique profile pictures is atrocious! Please help us out Discord Fam!! <3

  • Farrier

    This is THE most commented thread. There are a dozen or so still-open feature-threads with higher upvotes, but some are so silly I am convinced the votes must be being abused somehow. As others have said, this is an option that would get many of us to buy nitro.

    It's that important to us, we'd pay money, even for a limited number of slots. "Pick which of your 2 Nitro avatar slots you will show in this server. Buy extra slots at $N per year..."

    I get why this has not been done. Architecturally it's complex, because it means that every portrait request must be refactored to be accompanied by the id of the server.

    And how do you handle PMs, particularly PMs with someone that you share two servers with? Should avatars be given ratings, or rankings, so that it can show the lowest-(rated or ranked) portrait when multiple are available? Or should it just show the account's selected "default avatar"? Or should it show the "Discord default avatar" when unsure? 

    So, this is a hard problem. But it's a necessary problem to solve, and it doesn't need to be solved in one fell swoop: servers come first, next could come profile requests and PMs.

  • Evil Turtle

    Maybe have the usual discord avatar in a small circle next to the server avatar?

  • Reuster aka Reu

    Still upvoting this

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  • Dakion


  • Mayples

    This is something that I would love to see happen. As a game dev sometimes I like to join servers of players that play games I work on. I sometimes want to be a part of the community but not be recognized also by my avatar and name. Having the same name and avatar in my support feedback channels discord vs having one as a player and part of community is a vital thing. Many people including my wife also use a face photo for her discord and stream. On things like local and public pokemon trackers for Pokemon Go don’t like the ability to not have a different avatar to prevent social stalking. On another level, while playing other games or other servers some are themed. While in quite love my unique avatar; it doesn’t fit well in an anti-MMO server or rant thread. It also kills the mood when you have a face shot and you're in RP servers.