Avatars by server



  • ゼミクシ

    Please please PLEASE make this real!!

    As so many have added, the work-arounds for this right now are god-awful! Having to sign in and out of various accounts just to have unique profile pictures is atrocious! Please help us out Discord Fam!! <3

  • Berries

    We need this feature really soon.
    It's a must-have.

  • BasicGlitch

    100% Want This

  • Zozu

    As a Gamemaster, I feel that my players (and any other TTRPG players) would love the ability to have separate avatars for their characters in the server and their own social avatars, especially since there's a market for illustrators to sell tokens/busts for characters, etc. It would definitely be a great feature to have.

  • drill

    100% Agree on this one! Those in RP servers would love being able to always have their character as their profile picture in that server, while still keeping their standard profile picture on other servers. (Also helps if you don't want certain people to know about certain hobbies of yours, ex. anime and such!)

  • Kahera

    This absolutely needs to be a thing! It's annoying when you want to be more private in one server than another that you have to be equally private in both in terms of profile picture. 

  • Meteor

    This!! I would definitely pay for this feature, since I have more than two groups of friends that have different interests, showing support and commitment isn't possible with a single account, I do not want to create a new account and switch in between my accounts, Discord pls make it happen.

  • Cis White Matt

    YES PLZ, DISCORD, this is a feature that everyone's been dying for. Im surprised its not implemented yet, like you tellin me i can spam a million pictures in a group chat but im only stuck with one picture for my profile? Also no way im not spending money for this, charging ppl for this feature is disrespectful, thats like charging ppl to upload pictures. Im interested in knowing if server mods would be able to change your profile pic on their servers like they're able to with your nickname? I wouldnt see why not. =^)

  • Beagán Duilleach

    By the gods, YES! We need this! Make a main profile picture and secondary ones for the servers. There are TONS of rpg communities playing in discord as it is really comfortable compared to other platforms, we got all the tools to make it work, but THIS is the one and only thing we are lacking. Some may think of it as just aesthetics, but it is really important in rpg to identify yourself with your character name and token.

  • Warrior

    Make our dreams come true! JUST.... DO IT!

  • Teddie

    Please discord. I change my profile pic a lot to be funny on some servers. But also I use discord for some more professional ish stuff and having an anime profile pic in a business meeting doesn't make sense. 

  • Lichbane

    This is a must.  I have my much-loved icon, but a guild insisting I use theirs.  Please fix this so we can apply different icons for different servers.

  • joegoku

    In stronk need of this, pls!

  • Nor

    I agree this is a such needed feature to be added ASAP hopefully not just for nitro users :S

  • Miya

    I'm surprised discord hasn't added this yet, with how heavily it's been demanded. 

  • Agherian

    Yes, pretty please, with sugar on top.

  • Cis White Matt

    Someone got feedback from the discord team in response to this thread a few days ago.


    Idk how to feel about the response, seems like they're putting this on the backburner but hopefully not yo

  • rookie

    I'm glad to see this is such a popular suggestion, I'm on some servers where I'd like to use my actual face, but that's not something I'd want displayed universally. hopefully it does get implemented

  • Phoenix101853

    This would be very nice to have! Discord, please, please, please make this possible!

  • Auxority

    I would love to also have an option for server admins and bots with admin to set the server-only avatars of users.


    This would allow for setting the user's avatar to some certain game characters, based upon their linked account.

    Also it would make it a lot easier to hide certain nsfw avatars, so people do not have to be banned for having such an avatar.

  • Cindy Nemi

    Absolutely, strong support for this. I've wanted this sort of thing for over a year now.

    When I change my PFP for a D&D game or some other form of roleplay, I don't want to be locked to it for all my servers. And it makes roleplaying in two different servers around the same time impossible, or really clunky. 

    It'd also be neat to be able to pic an image that fits the theme of the server. A Bleach character in the Bleach server, a Dragon Ball character in that server, you get the idea. 

  • Warrior

    Let's be reasonable now... It seems that the Discord team are unable to develop this feature. Maybe we have alternative options. I was thinking about a script which checks what server you log into and changes your profile picture accordingly. Or maybe it could be done with bots somehow? I think with this delay we could definitely beat them to it with some workaround of our own. We should gather the brightest minds of the Discord community and make this happen! Nothing is going to happen if we just sit around and comment this thread.

  • Orchestructive

    I mean, the only thing we can do is keep asking. I don't know their data on user-extrapolation of votes (i.e. 1 vote = 1,000 users, etc.) but I can tell this feature is a pretty popular idea. I would hate to think it's "beyond their capability" as people have suggested, but I say stick it in with Nitro and have it be a selling point as an excuse to generate revenue from adding it.

  • StepS

    Just as a reminder, the original UserVoice suggestion (link now dead) created in 2016 had about 10000 votes and 1000 comments by the time the feedback systems changed in November 2018. It got lost in the transition along with some others. This one is not the same and only had about 500 votes after the transition.

    Unfortunately, it seems the old suggestion is lost forever and does not appear to be saved in any web archive.

  • Orchestructive

    @StepS Wow... how they can basically openly state that they have zero plans for it as a feature is crazy. It almost negates the concept of user feedback. It turns it into a sort of "we're looking to see what ideas are popular that are ones we are already going to do regardless..." 

  • Ylmir

    As yet another user who tends to use Discord for a lot of different circles, from public game/community servers where I'm not comfortable with using a picture of myself, to private servers between friends, or collaborators on school projects, or even roleplay group members, I've pretty much never felt free to use any kind of image that would actually reflect some part of myself, and tend to stick to the most neutral ones that I can find.

    Since having an avatar is a way to convey a picture of yourself (pun definitely not intended) to the other users of an online service, I think that server-specific profile pictures would really add something to Discord, letting people express themselves and who they are much more freely, especially on a service that has such diversity of users and uses.

    I am still hoping to see this overlooked suggestion getting some love from the Discord team. Until then, I will stick to pictures of cute animals in protest against this oversight.

    At least for the next five minutes.

  • jd_396

    Nobody in my OOTP Baseball server cares about my baby being a 5* gear 8 toon in my SWGoH server. Let’s go ahead and let me have a different pic.

  • Bangel25

    This is a pretty basic feature that shouldn't be too hard to implement

  • Warrior

    Technically yes but they just don't have the time or are being lazy

  • Raverbane

    Would love to have this feature