Screen Sharing without a camera




  • iinside

    Yes, I always want to screen share but can't.

  • N1njaSqu1rr3l

    I tried this the other day, and you do not have to have a camera in order to screen share.  If you're already in a voice chat, whether with a single person or in a group, there should be an icon that will enable you to share your screen.  I don't have a camera and it worked for me just fine, so I'm guessing this option was updated sometime after this thread was started.

  • Crim

    I would echo the desire to be able to just directly share screen.

    Maybe it's just a me thing, but unless I'm very familiar with a person, I don't want to start something that looks like a "Let me see through your camera or hear you" type of thing. I worry about it coming across as invasive to people I'm just becoming friends with. I don't get that feeling about giving someone the invitation to have a look at what I'm doing, though. For Desktop/Application haring, I wish I could just send someone an invitation to view what I'm sharing, without it coming seemingly coming across as request to see/hear from them.

    While on the subject:
    I find Discord's current Go Live frustrating, too.

    I would occasionally like to be able to be share what I'm watching/playing with any of my friends who might be intersted. I don't want to bother every one of them every time I'm going to do something, though. I don't really want to have to start a server and invite all my friends to it, so I can then stream it to that server. I've got one group of friends on one server. And another group on another. And then an unrelated friend here and there. So I'd have to start a whole other server to get them in the same place... It just feels like an annoyance for each group of friends to have to have a secondary server just for my online presence. Additionally, you make new friends, and then you either have to invite them to an existing server, giving them access to things you or others said that may have only been said under the presumption that only the people present would see it, and/or you have to make new servers all the time... it's just... ugh. Not ideal.

    For Go Live, I wish I could just mark myself as Streaming/Sharing, and anyone's who's looking in my direction would see that, and could opt in if they wanted. And a temporary server during that streaming session would be made for those who wanted to join for shared voice/text chat.

    As it is, I think I'll have to do private twitch streaming (if I can), and post the link in my Discord Status. I think that will work.