Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)



  • agmash

    I believe this is very beneficial, hear the people discord ty

  • Toby

    Thanks for all the comments, really want to see this feature added!

  • _usmanhanif

    Great Feature, which needs to be added!

  • tyler

    This is an amazing idea! Hope to see this added soon.

  • dot.

    great idea, please implement!

  • Vispo

    Much needed idea! Please add!

  • psd5abi

    Completely agree, lets get this on the road!

  • ahawk

    Definitely something that would solve a lot of problems for me dealing with moderators in my channel abusing their power. I would also love to see this feature implemented sometime in the near future

  • Epic

    Good idea

  • washedgram

    Amazing idea, been thinking the same thing for a while, guess great minds think alike!

  • Hachiman

    agree also, needed very soon this feature! no more abuse of power , thank you for suggestion. Please make change @discord team !

  • Mr. Kickstation

    Yes great suggestion Tobias Sugarman the 3rd. I personally need this for the discords I manage.

  • 6ixhue

    Hello, 6ixhue here. I think this would be a great idea to implement into Discord, Administrators should be able to see everything we do/did so they can manage servers better and punish the wrong doers more accurately. Abuse of power has always been a thing in discord servers and sometimes audit log does not accurately show who is doing what. An example of something that has been happening in some discord servers i'm in currently is that people are being disconnected by someone and audit log shows nothing of this. Thank you for your time reading this message. 

                                                                          - 6ixhue#0001

  • MakMak | Bored Bunny

    Love this idea. Would greatly appreciate if discord would add this feature.

  • youngselfmade

    Great idea. Please implement it!!!!

  • lumb'er
    goog idea
  • Ferri

    The someone moving someone Log is a must!

  • Därk

    Bit later on this NeXuS, however, if you start lowering the role of the possible abusers to a new role (such as PB or something where they have permissions that they can't abuse) then if the abusing stops after you lower a certain person, then lower their role permanently (or long enough to where they learn their lesson) then put everyone back to the original role

  • Spiritr90

    Really wish this was a thing. Would help a ton instead of just having to not let anyone use the ability to move people

  • Amanda


  • zday

    why has this not been added yet. I've tried many bots and while they allow you to view a user moving to different channel, they don't allow you to view one user moving another user into a different channel. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO AUDIT LOGS!

    If someone knows a bot that can do this, please let me know!

  • Celeron
    It would also be helpful if we were able to see when a user was disconnected from a channel
  • PatPeter

    Please stop adding COMPLETELY WORTHLESS features like Go Live and Server Folders, instead of backend features that server administrators NEED ACCESS TO.

    I have nothing but drama in my Discord being cased by the inability to know who moved who, because if I give the permission to more than 5 people, at some point in time someone abusively moves another person and I can't track down who did it.

    The person abusively moving someone else doesn't even have to be in a voice channel to move others.

    And if you don't think Go Live is worthless: it can only support 10 people. I can't even play a Jackbox game with an audience with only 10 people allowed.

  • AlienX

    Come on Discord Developers, This has been here for long enough and should have been implemented during the initial Audit programming path.

    Get a scrum team together (or however else you do Dev), and get this done please!

  • UniFLY

    I don't think it's gonna be happening anytime soon. The devs are too busy updating the dang game advertisements ( which is a total junk and annoying ) instead of updating important core features such as "Extended Audit Log".

  • Eliza

    I have this channel hidden away in my server just to track activity. You can set this up through Tatsumaki. 


  • Boci

    Temporary solution, it should be built in, thanks tho!

  • 🎃Mr.Hunk🎃

    We need this so badly! There is a mod on my server (we don't know who) and they keep randomly disconnecting people.

  • Boci



  • bloodninja

    3599 upvotes. How has this not be implemented already?