Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles




  • Lokey

    I agree.

  • Lelantos

    I manage a community of over 2,300 members. I have a 'Reaction Roles' bot set up however anytime I need to ping one of these roles I need to manually turn it on, then ping & then turn it off again in the settings to avoid members abusing this.

    It's very irritating & inconvenient to keep doing this & I hope a compromise for this is implemented preferably as soon as possible.

    I'm keeping my eye on this thread for any news & updates, hope to see some progress made!

  • Damncleric

    Absolutely cannot agree more. I am setting up a discord server for my vanilla wow guild, and I want my officers to ping people by class. With a potentially large guild I don't wna to give people the ability to grief each other by pinging people enmasse.

  • Marino

    I don't know what your meaning, but what I think that your saying that people that don't want to get pinged, they get pinged. There is a solution to that, but not the best, you can create a role named 'Pings' and then make/add a bot that adds a role when a message is reacted to. When someone needs to make an announcement, they don't ping everyone, just that role. As I said this isn't the best solution to this whatsoever.

  • merennulli

    This is currently a fight in my Discord. We need the team roles and it's REALLY useful for them to be tag-able in raids "@TeamInstinct go in", for example. But while I've disabled @ everyone for all but a very few channels, I can't keep people from tagging the roles. I can thwack people who intentionally bypasses @ everyone with "@ TeamMystic @ TeamValor @ TeamInstinct hi, I want attention", but I can't meaningfully do anything when it's someone new each time. This could be easily solved if "allow @ group" was an option below "allow @ everyone".

    And, yes, it is possible to split things out so only certain roles see certain channels and just tag "everyone" in those channels, but that doesn't work when the teams need to coordinate (and it tags the moderators who have to see all channels).

    On a related note, disabling notifications should disable in-app/in-website notifications, not just push notifications. It gets incredibly frustrating logging in and seeing a big red alert that won't go away until I drill down to the Taipei-only section I already have @mentions disabled on of a server I have muted. (This is a real example. I'm trying to go to a Montreal event, the server for it has sections for 5 different events in different cities.)

  • DuckMasterAl
    Thats a really cool idea! Maybe it could be an addition to the role settings? Like this:
  • MeLlamanHokage
    this would go great when coupled with Role Categories
  • Celeron
    This would be very useful for large servers.
  • Optikk

    Yes please!

  • TrippL


  • DDbb00

    Current work around: create a notification room for the role you wish to ping, give only them access to the room, use MEE6 to on use of a command send a @here ping to that room with a link to where the message was sent. @beta pings off


    Channel 1: 
    !Beta Hey guys got new patch notes. 

    Notification channel: 
    MEE6: @here there's a message waiting for you in #Channel-1

  • 1-UP Nuke

    This seems like a good idea, perhaps a grid of checkboxes with the roles listed below and above like so:
         R3  R2  R1
    R1 [  ]  [  ]  [  ]
    R2 [  ]  [  ]
    R3 [  ]

  • Blanners

    How isn't this a thing yet???

  • Zivao

    This needs to be a thing, like seriously

  • 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐧

    I am 100% behind this. Our server really needs this that only certain roles can mention certain other roles. We don't want everyone to be able to tag those roles. I see this suggestion was created 9 months ago but it is still not implemented. Discord, please!

  • testaccount

    If it helps the InviteManager Bot has a command called -mentionrole and even with the mention able is off the bot will ping the bot use this until they add it directly to discord hope it helps

  • BratPfanneTV

    Having to use a bot for this is stupid. +1

  • Jaybopper

    Yes please Discord. Thank you Nelly. +1

  • ChrísLéNÚB

    Buenas, te sugiero que pongas esa idea en ingles, ya que es muy buena, ya que si todo el mundo tiene el mismo rango y etiqueta a ese rol es como hacer un ''everyone''

  • spoopyshqrp

    Yes Discord, add it, we want more customization for our perms.

  • LamerionJames

    It could really stop raids in general and help out owners and staff

  • Mrs. Pumpernickle

    It has been 11 months and this still has not been implemented. We should like start a petition or something for this.

  • LavaGameChampion

    I really thought Discord was better at listening to their community's wants. I guess I was mistaken. This is definitely something needed. I run a server where abuse and stalking of users is a very real risk because of the subject matter of the server. I do not want anybody in the "everyone" role to be able to @any role, but I need people in elevated roles to be able to @other elevated roles and I can't set that up. An all or nothing approach to this is just plain dumb.

  • Snicket

    You know that just because it got deleted, doesn’t mean that the role doesn‘t pinged right?

  • xavier

    At least just an "Allow administrators to ping this role" where discord administrators can ping?

    If having a role<->role matrix is too complex for the moment, this would be a good compromise. Right now I either have to use a bot to activate the permission, message, deactivate the permission, or have one separate channel for each notification topic.

  • kcNL

    Why is this not a thing yet?

  • Xblade

    I run an official game server with 14k people inside. Every time I need to ping 1 of our 100 roles, I need to go to options >> find the role >> allow ping >> HOPE that no troll notices and pings a crap ton of people >> go back >> turn it off.

    Even for BOTs, it's not intuitive: You need to explicitly turn the permission to ping ON, ping, then turn it OFF.

    It's just not intuitive; however, OP's solution is

    Someone above suggests awesome:

    > At least just an "Allow administrators to ping this role" where discord administrators can ping?

  • Mr. Over 100

    For example - I want only me(the admin) to be able to mention the role for settings(bots) reasons and others. Perhaps make it so that if you are administrator that you can mention any and every role even if they are not mentionable..because what is the point? You are administrator - you shold have the absolute power in my opinion - it is very annoying as it is.

  • Lokey

    discord staff is probably lazy and don’t have the gut to add it 🧐

  • JackSkellington0104

    Fantastic discussion and ideas! I think if you want a temporary but very complicated fix to use until this gets implemented, you can make commands to @ certain roles along with the message, that the bot will post for you... Very strongly suggest to just wait until Discord fixes this, but it's just a thought...