• Kitty 🐈

    That looks great Morozka.
    Would be even better if you could choose to poll for times instead of text for raid scheduling with checkboxes of which to include so you don't have to type in every half hour time slot in a day into text boxes for example.
    Also at the bottom a toggle option for duration or end time & date, so you could write for how many days/hrs/mins the poll is open if you would prefer that

  • Nishant

    Awesome idea. Definitely need this.

  • Simwi

    That is super dope ❤

  • Strike

    Things that ask for interaction with an audience work best if it means the least possible effort for them. That's why a poll solution that means one click to vote, not more, no website opening or anything, is best. Yes, you can do that with reactions, but reactions aren't anonymous which puts off a lot of people. So we really need a native poll solution.

  • Zorkind

    Altho i understand there's the bots for this, some polls you want to hide who is voting, so a voting system inside Discord make sense to me.

    Simple to do, just make it so, in that particular channel the Reactions don't show who did it, except the Admins etc.

    Also make a button to show the results, very simple and clean.

  • Aberbear

    the ability to copy and paste the reactions data would be very useful 


  • spark

    This is a great idea! Some people don't even know about bots nor know how to add them to servers so this is an easier method. It's better to have it integrated into Discord rather than have it external from other bot devs.

  • it is Boca

    Two years and a lot of upvotes later, we still don't have anything /shrug.


  • Rachit

    Yaa Poll is a basic feature that discord should have

  • koob85

    This would be absolutely amazing! Especially with discord server insights, we would be able to track analytics for a variety of different things, like language, time in server, length of discord usage, etc!

  • Biermeister

    LINE app can do it. Works very well.
    Discord devs must not know how.

  • D4KiR

    why is this not added?

  • CoolSlayer

    I think the way to do this is to make it a permission. You can either allow people to create polls. You can also set it to show results to people on entry, or only once the poll creator "shows results" with a button. This would be a very useful feature that would be very helpful. Im hopeing it could look simular to the twitter poll system

  • BarterClub


  • Actualités



  • trex

    I would also like to see a integrated voting function. For example a bot will always give 1 vote for "thumbs up" so the initial count will be incorrect from start, and as we all know bots are not always working - suddenly they are away. Also I would like to think of the security of bots - who run them and what do they see in our servers.

  • odell

    why top.gg not detect votes autorole and votes amount?? plss someone help me, i can't fix thiss, i was looking for some tutorials like foreverrr :(((

  • Voltis

    Not the place for.

  • odin

    Yes! Would love this

  • Bouwer

    I think this could be a really valuable feature, it can be hard to set up through bots and an integrated feature would be nice. It would also fit well with the new threads/uploads menu.

  • Strategist

    There needs to be a better way to do this, the current bot solution isn't great, there should be a way to vote privately and not know the current standing before voting as well as this needing to be more intuitive.

  • Khieem

    Bruh, I need polls to make my server.
    Don't worry, it's a bad server. (DON'T JOIN!!)

  • Wadud

    Imagine making multiple accounts to affect polls... that'd be funny. Impractical for private or big servers, but funny.

  • GGuts

    The most sought after feature on my server would be to be able to vote for multiple days/dates, maybe on a calendar, so we can easily find a day for an event.
    How I imagine it: Select a time range OR a few single days which people can vote for. All other days are greyed out on the calendar. Users then can click on those dates on a calendar-type view to vote for them.

    The poll bots work somewhat but are kind of crude/limited in their implementation using emote reactions.

  • Vigorousjammer

    Would love to see this integrated in a similar way to Threads, where they get attached to an existing channel and show up underneath it for a limited time.
    Or perhaps polls could be attached to threads. This might be ideal, actually, if the poll was always visible at the top of a thread, and discussion about the poll happened within the thread itself.

  • yogergame

    Hi Discord, Can you pls check my ticket

  • ChaoticGamer

    My reason to include this feature is because (as far as I know) a bot cannot be used in DMs. The kind of polling system I would like is much like that of the Sesh bot, but again, I haven't seen any bots whatsoever that work within DMs.