100 server limit



  • GuardianPhoenix

    One potential remedy:

    • Servers are muted by default.
      - No read/unread notifications.
      - Only direct mentions/roles/everyone's will be pinged to the clients notifications.
    • Users are allowed to enable notifications for up to X servers.
    • Users' clients do NOT actively monitor muted servers:
      - Users have to actively enter a server, and only the most recent messages are fetched.
      - If the user sustains activity in the server; fetch the most recent for other channels.


  • Commander GreyFox

    I was following this until you mentioned having the most recent messages fetched for being active. I honestly thing that only so many messages should be reacheivable unless you ping a message. Also, there needs to be a lower limit for how many people can be joined to a server. I feel as if too many people is another reason for there being too much activity blowing up clients/discord's servers when all they'd need to do is lower the limit of howany people can be joined to a server. This will also make it better for people looking to expand their discord server's member count.

  • GuardianPhoenix

    That's literally what I said anyway?

    "Sustained activity" implies actively watching that server & talking in it.

    How on earth does lowering the member limit benefit anyone?  For busy/large servers all that will do is cause much more "server unavailable" messages for people.

  • Dragonwings -Dragon Noob Eater

    I really hate having to limited. 100 servers is just not enough for me. I have to keep leaving servers to join new ones. Not fun.

  • ジェマッグ

    For servers of each game-characters, I need to join more than 101.

  • Bananasmoothii

    Why is it limited ? I mean, for regular users, qi understand, but nitro users could just have unlimited servers !

  • Devils Minion

    How is this not a thing already? 

    Perhaps only add it for those who have nitro? as an extra perk? or create another nitro level that increases your server limit by 50 (or 100).

  • Schmurr Productions

    who tf calls servers "guilds"

    and also how does lowering the member limit and autokicking hundreds increase the number of people in your server??

  • SGG

    Yes please lift the limit or at least increase it

  • infinity

    +1 for this, I don't know why it's been 2 years later and still not been considered. I don't see how this hasn't become a Nitro perk at the very least.

  • Lottery248

    increase by at least 100 servers for all depending on how active they are on multiple servers.

  • Commander GreyFox

    @infinity if you didn't see the latest change log they have considered it

  • Schmurr Productions

    Finally some good f*****g news

  • A Person


  • erkinalp

    Not only it would make stats expensive, it is incompatible with how a human brain works. A human can simultaneously keep 15-ish close friends, 150-ish friends and 1000-ish acquintances before starting to conflate some of those.

  • rebane2001

    You seem to misunderstand the concept of a server. A server is not the same thing as friend/acquaintance. Eg a community for a video game might have multiple servers for modding, speedrunning, archival, art, videos etc even though in your mind it is still just one game. Also, if half of your 150 friends asked you to join their server, that's already 75% of the servers full.

  • Coffeeti

    Commander GreyFox Can you please share link or tell me what excatly it is ? I tried searching for it but can't find it.

  • Spruce


    Umm... The API? Also, if you are banned from a server and try to join it with an invite, it will say something like this: "The user is banned from this guild."

  • noncom

    I've just hit this limit and I am very surprised both by the thing itself and by this jolly story here that lasts over 2 years already. And I see not a single official comment or response. Is this a joke on users?

    A lot of communities that I participate in have their agency in Discord. I actually do care for all of them and I visit them to at least keep being notified about updates and seeing/participating in the relevant discussions. Here, I gonna repeat it again: I really care for all the servers I am participating in. If you disagree, start reading from the previous sentence again.

    And I wouldn't mind if it was "Buy Nitro to get more" -- that's understandable, but not what you're doing.

    If Discord keeps this limit, it should adverise on start like "Welcome new user! You can't have more than 100 servers" to make the users instantly aware.