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  • Mylan.

    The official member named: D

    have merged my message with your message and said that my idea was a copy of this idea and not at all my idea ca ...

    if you read this message D you will be that my idea is not at all the same as this :'(

  • Mylan.

    If m topic is not reopened, I do it again in **specifying that my idea was not at all in common with your idea**

  • index.ts
    How is this different from the post that you linked?
  • brad25577

    100% up for this, would legit buy a theme from the store basic themes at 0.59p and better ones at 0.79p then you could get creators and designers from the community making themes and selling them on your store earning a 10% of profits, but then you could also use the basic themes for free in a nitro subscription as a perk. 

    This is worth investing time into and could be Discord's next big thing. 

  • Londwolf

    I agree. I would hopefully love admins to be able to have custom themes on their servers. But like there should be seasonal themes and just plain random themes than just dark and light.

  • A Smurf

    Tl;Dr, due to the recent theme update discord could let us customize the theme ourselves with almost no effort.

    Oh yea, not sure if they plan on using it. But during the recent theme overhaul that came with light theme plus they "unified" the colors. I.e putting all the stuff that use that color into one variable. I'd you use inspect element then you can change all the things that use the colors at once. It would be very easy to let us change this a color picker similar to how roles work.

  • Cat

    I just want to post in here before this gets closed as a duplicate, TONS of these requests have been closed as a dupe, yet they all link to a post that has been removed.

  • H4D3US

    We agree.

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  • legosavant

    themes should be for everyone

  • 🎃virtualize🎃

    yes i love this ideas +1 

  • ImRoyal_Raddar
    It's not very necessary, Discord Dark & White theme is good.
  • Forest_ranger23

    Yes add the theme!

  • ~エリアス・ロッシン~

    I'm personally thinking that it would be great to have themes and not the standard black&White better discord has some nice themes but is against the TOS, which I think is okay but I would not be happy if the themes would be for nitro users only I am self a nitro user (not classic the new one) so I would not have the problem when its just for nitro but still I think everybody should have a customised Discord appearance.

  • ScienceGamer10

    I think only admins should be able to decide what the background (s) are, but otherwise, great idea!

  • Draconic NEO

    I just want to say no one here should be open to the idea of paying for client side theming because unlike other nitro features which are server-side CSS theming is completely client-side and whether the discord developers like it or not client side theming is already possible the whole point is that we want them to make official theme in like what is already in BetterDiscord but let me remind you that better discord already exists and is already free

  • ItsZekrom

    I think it should be a clientside feature with an upload button in the appearance section of the settings or something so we could create our own themes to use or download ones online that were designed by others.

    Although, like ~エリアス・ロッシン~  said above, if the feature is actually implemented any time soon, it'll probably just be locked behind a paywall sadly, knowing our luck. (Nitro exclusive, maybe a premade theme store, idk.)

    If Discord does decide to take the paywall route, I think they should have it be so non-nitro users can freely upload static themes and have animated ones be a nitro feature like animated emotes are.

    I also agree with MaHI111's "strapped CSS" idea, full customizability of the layout would be a nice thing to have, but it is probably unlikely to be implemented. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Derrios
    This could become very heavy in the users ram and would be subject to a lot of bug in my opinion.
  • Mr. Over 100

    Also please add so that you can have a main theme on like every server by default! :)

  • TheRudeDude
    English please
  • pandross

    I want this to become a thing soooooo badly but with OUR custom themes if possible!

  • Scraayp
    And for ios and android will be fine to
  • HeyItsAC

    You are right, this would be a great idea.

    For example, color in discord instead of just dark and light.

  • SpaYco

    you can also add a custom theme for yourself 

  • Yaseen

    Community Themes / Custom CSS

  • Connor.

    a nice fully transparent theme would be nice for all platforms so you can see your lovely homescreen on discord :)


  • Connor.

    or give people a css code editor and let us make our own css theme thats custom to use so its not all the same like one would have a fully red discord theme and the other would have a fully yellow one etc

  • sp42s

    I would love to have more customation options for discord, like using picture  in the main chat window or giving it opacity so you can see your own desktop wallpaper (like i used to have on PuTTY) and more color options. Example it would be nice to change colors like three different parts on Discord like on the picture below + the colors for fonts and channels and stuff. (i'm not a good image editor, dont know anything about it, as you can see for the picture below. It's only for reference and the color scheme that i like) Would really love to see these kinds of changes in the future. 

    Discord go in business with Wallpaper Engine and make somekind of Theme editor where users can make own themes and share them like they do wallpapers. 

  • Connor.

    sp42 im not promoting this what so ever but people use bandaged bd to get themes for thier discord and isnt that aganst tos? i dont do that i use tht ugly grey *dark mode* lol