Need to find someone but i dont know there 4 digit number,



  • Livalia

    It's very annoying it's true! It will be more convenient if we do not have to add a #0000.

  • timymelon

    I have the same problem, I don't even know what my four digit code is, or how to find it. We have only met in person not online so I can't use the simple one click option. 

  • Goldyyyy

    Ya, it would be very simple

  • ravo

    This would make finding someone you have lost over the years so much easier.


  • St4rTh3ft

    Yea! How are you supposed to remember someone else's tag or find them? I cant contact a friend and I didn't remember my tag, so I don't know if I will ever be able to talk to them again. Discord needs to add this!!


  • Sonic Glince

    I want to add my friends in discord but I don't know their number tags. How?

  • diarrhea

    here is my discord name and number: diarrhea#4262

  • JAMA4590

    Still no real answers here


  • 1watch2playgame

    Dears to get the 4 digit number of anyone on discord is easy, the person 4 digit number is attached to the person username.Copy the number before the hash sign#

    For this to happen the user will have to sent it or tell you before you can add the person. The 4 digit is a special identification number. You can also us ethe nearby feature to achieve your goal.

  • Xeri

    It's not that easy though. I have someone I met today in real life who knew the username part of his Discord ID but not the tag part. I couldn't remember mine either so having him add me first wasn't an option. I'd like to know how I can search for him based on the username only but can't figure out how to do that.

  • Khadija Kashif

    Same...I've been trying to add my friend since 2 weeks...its not working

  • JTbomb9

    Same. I've been trying to add my friend so we can play because of this whole self isolation

  • aloe vera tits

    Pls add the feature it would mean I could meet up with family online!!

  • GTNT Animations
    1watch2playgame I think the issue is that they have the username but they don't have the tag and because discord doesn't have a "user search" feature they can't get their profile to get the tag.
  • dave0272

    Yes please fix this feature? 
    I made a new friend on a game yesterday and we were talking and playing, planned to play again today but didnt realise when we got off that we didnt add friends. So i searched up recent games and found his tag but now i cant add him or message him to play again because discords stupid numbers thing >.> 
    Dudes name was Radeonus in case he stumbles by this thread

  • Christina 💜

    i miss my friend GeneralWeeb_... if anyone knows him, please add Jesstie#2054 and tell me the code..i miss them so much. 

  • öm

    For everyone on the search for a user, you can try Discordhub's user search, they don't have them all i think but there is a decent chance to find your friend that way.

    If not u can msg me and i'll try to help you.


    to find your own tag just click your name when discord is open. or open your profile.

  • Yeebleyobble

    Exactly I found a new friend and I gave him my username and forgot about the numbers, he llives in New Mexico and I don’t know if I will ever see him again

  • KellasDragon6

    It's so sad that discord hasn't added this for 5 years! The numbers got so many problems! I got banned from a server from advertising because I got hacked! I wasn't on that server for months! I need to contact the owner to unban me because I didn't advertise. Plz discord, get rid of the Numbers!

  • everytime13

    Look, the numbers are needed because its like a personal id.. if the numbers werent there you probably would not have the username you do... discord is one of the only things that lets you have your own unique username even if its the same as someone elses and if you were to get rid of the numbers then no one could have the unique usernames they do 

  • GTNT Animations

    evertime13, we get that but the point is that there should be a "Search Users" button where you can put a username in and get every profile with the username and from there you can send a friend request, message, etc.

  • LolNoob

    I think more like a search thing, where you put in a name and search for a name on a list like thing. If we didn't have a tag, it would be nearly impossible to find people due to there being so many people with the exact same names.

  • omnom143

    WHYYY I made a good friend in pavlov and i cant go back beacuse they left and gave me the name and tag but i think i got it wrong

  • savannah

    Dirt, if you ever find this you never gave me the numbers after. Just GonnaWhipYou. I had no way of finding you. Big rip.

  • ⟭⟬ MIN BLOOP GI ⟭⟬

    Yeah, this is really annoying and sad because I meet many people daily that i want to keep in touch with but i have poor internet so i get disconnected from the online game. I really want discord to add this

  • Matt.66

    Ariel if u ever see this it was #8920 not 8902


  • comma

    GooseGD if you ever see this i’m comma from among us comma#3776 :) you never gave me the tag!

  • XIN

    Same! Sensei, if you ever see this I was the yellow 123 on among us my tag is 123PPJ#3472 u never gave me ur ID so I was so sad :( I really hope you see this!

  • barbielifeinthedreamhouse2ndacc

    I agree, my phone recently broke down and stopped working(writing this on my school chromebook right now) and i dont remember any of my friends tags, if anyone has heard of them their name is Skittles with a yorkie(dog) as their pfp-

  • Lamba

    lime and orange, you just gave us discord usernames without tagsss if u see this this is that one lobby where everyone was wearing pumpkin hats in among us. me is hilo, and oops#1737 is me name.