Unlimited Pins



  • kayla

    I definitely agree to this! You want to be able to remember more than 50 memories. :)

  • henry (taylors version)

    I agree. :)

  • pixelbrush

    I don’t get why there’d be a pin limit in the first place.

    All your messages stay forever, so what’s the point of not being able to get quick access to those old and hilarious moments.

    This issue just becomes more apparent on bigger servers, or Servers with your friends.

  • Enzo

    I think the issue is the server power too unarchive the old messages. After a while old messages is being archived and then loads again if someone ever looks at them again. See this link: how does discord store billions of messages? https://blog.discordapp.com/how-discord-stores-billions-of-messages-7fa6ec7ee4c7

  • _Mr_MemerMann

    Screenshots take up too much space, we need more pins

  • Darrion


  • lengo
    Good idea, although I think there is a reason it’s limited at 50.
  • Diloolie

    Yes please! I already pay for Nitro, why can't we just have more pins?

  • SEM

    I agree, my friend and I need more pins 

  • H a H a

    I agree, we didn't know until we hit then point. So, we had to remove some pins, just to make new one's...

  • Howerd

    this is so sad, we need this

  • Papa Quill -

    I agree, there should be a larger pin cap for nitro users, it would be a nice addition.

  • Howerd

    yes I agree, pins are a crucial part of discord and the current cap is just too small for our memeage, Discord it would be lovely if you absolutely make this request a reality

  • Sage

    YES PLEASE! Even better if it's not a nitro/nitro boost thing.. my personal servers really suffer from the limit- unlimited would be best, definitely. Second best would be something like 1000 or 500.

  • oreo


  • da boi kev

    I like 100 pins but unlimited.... 2 hours scrolling through memes? YAS

  • Natelepanda

    Even if it's just something unlocked when a server gets boosted to a new level, this would really be amazing. 50 is really easy to hit, and then when you want to pin something new, but you don't have the space, you have to sacrifice another pin. Which is really upsetting.

  • vhs

    id like them to be increased in pms too

  • Sean

    I'd like to see this become a feature for all users, not just nitro so every server has a higher limit than 50. I do wanna ask the pin limit to be 350 - 500, in my opinion because of how quick pins can be used.

  • C4Kevin

    God yes.

  • Garek

    Add more pins for nitro users too!

  • Fuzywuzy

    I support this!


  • SomeBodyElse

    This would be great! If possible, add more pins just for normal servers (not boosted) like somewhere between 100-250 and for each level of boosting, add 50-100 more. You could also add more in DMs (eg. 25-50 more and for nitro users add 100-250 on top of the additional for normal users).

  • iBDL


  • charitwo
    Pretty straightforward, really.
  • henloder

    unlimited pins yes!

  • xXsinEaterXx

    Me and my girl talk a lot...it is an LD relationship, so we pin the stuff that gave us the feels or had important information...50 pins is not feasible. 

  • Penny

    It should be a feature for those who have nitro boost (like way more than just 50 or even unlimited) and have extra pins for servers for those servers with boosts as well. More of a reason to pay for nitro :)

  • Blivy

    For the love of god no. do not suggest that this feature be locked behind a nitro boost paywall. DM's should have unlimited pins too not just servers.

  • MancorJ

    I think the final solution to this problem would be to make a limit in server settings. I understand that some people think pins are meant for stuff that is important, and having more than 50 pins just annoying to scroll through. There are also people who pin funny things that will get lost in message history, but they are bottlenecked by the 50 pin limit. Both sides would be satisfied if you could set the limit in server settings. Even if it has to be a nitro feature, I think it would be great to have this in discord. Something like a pin limit slider going from 5-unlimited would be rad. I keep getting notifications about this thread and I thought this would be a pretty good solution