Unlimited Pins



  • Purplecorgi10


  • gellert

    +1 it's been close to 3 years and discord still hasn't seen this? WHATS THE POINT OF HAVING THIS IF NOBODY GOES THROUGH IT?

  • shaw

    +1 it's been three years since this request was added (I WAS 13 THEN IM 16! 3 YEARS!) me and my friend have been talking for around half a year and we've had a cap of 50 pins but around 3 months now and it's getting to the point where it's bothering me. 500 for non-nitro users and unlimited for nitro users!

  • not very happy girl named teddy

    Unlimited pins sound nice, but i believe that you can screenshot it and pin it onto the dms. I think also 100~400 pins would be quite nice.

  • milk_bubbles

    unlimited pins would mean more timeless memories of the hilarious times ourselves and our friends have. i think it would really add to the server experience, especially in a larger server filled with hilarious people, as so many are

  • Void

    Please for the love of everything worth loving give us unlimited pins.

  • blini kot

    It's incredibly disappointing that this 3-year-old feedback post (that I found through a search engine) with over 1000 upvotes has gotten no response from Discord. They're really putting money over user experience. I'm adding my support- every user should get features that they want.

  • 荷花

    give us more pins >:^(

  • tea

    I understand the limitations and potential strain having unlimited pins could have, but if it could be added as a feature even if just for Nitro users that would be great! It would definitely give me more incentive to keep up my subscription and/or add to it if necessary. 😭


  • Nullmaruzero

    I support the idea as well. Since Discord inception we have had so many upgrades, changes and developments, including tiers of allowed quantity of each feature based on Nitro, but pinned messages stayed at 50.

    I have been waiting for an increased limit for a long time, but here come some weird stickers, which are just larger emoji to me, some profile doodles but still no more pins.

    My community reaches back to IRC (well, 2010-ish IRC xD), and we have had a great tradition of adding quotes from people, often out of context, to have a good laugh at it. We call them THE LOGS and other than serving as a cool entertainment, they are also a way to remember the old us. This doubtful tradition continued over to Discord, but with 50 pinned messages we need to rely on custom-made bots which, in turn, rely on a single point of failure (the bot's owner, we ain't getting younger). 

    I suggest bumping pinned messages to a 100 and more for Nitro. Starting with like 250-300 for Level 1. The other solution would be a possibility to arrange some sort of marriage between the newly introduced threads and pins, and introduce a sort of view/only special permanent thread/channel for viewing all the pinned messages (possibly) on the server, with a reference where they come from.

    If Discord is here to stay for many years, you guys need to work more on statistic/archiving/overview features sooner or later :P

  • Saturn

    It doesn't make sense that y'all would ignore such an easy fix for so long. You don't have a single dev with an extra 5 minutes they can spend on this?

  • Blivy

    ^ OK KAREN

  • angelar

    They've voiced that they don't think this is what pins are for, but I'm defiantly upvoting anyway.

  • ✨AlluringRadiance✨

    The reason I moved to discord from text was to be able to pin messages. Please please upgrade

  • Rawnblade

    I'm thinkin it might be faster at this point to just get hired at Discord and make the number bigger myself.

  • killian

    You have my axe, Rawnblade. Its absolutely buckwild to me that its been nearly 4 yrs, I've tweeted them twice about it, all this support and absolutely nothing has been done or acknowledged except to say its "not what pins are for". If a large portion of your user base is using a function different than anticipated, at least take that into consideration and offer solutions.

    Anyway, thanks for all the support, y'all!

  • recently materialized

    I feel sorry for whoever posted that second comment. I don't know why they're sorted oldest first, but the reaction to this comment is extreme. They were just being helpful, and suggesting a workaround!

  • recently materialized

    Also yea full support from me

  • Benjamin Mastripolito

    The pin limit is completely arbitrary. It's a highly requested feature, and an easy one to implement. There should be no pin limit. It's very frustrating that this has been ignored.

  • Ruth Arendse

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