A Best Friend System



  • LilacLizard

    I like the sound of this. Being able to have best friends or be able to pin friends to the top (such as how steam have allowed you to do in their recent massive UI overhaul) would be very helpful. I am sure that there are many people in my situation of having lots of friends and having the ability to see the ones you care about more, more easily would really help out.


  • TheSnox

    yeah being able to pin friends is what this suggestion essentialy seem to be but with a better name, and thats something i really want to see.

  • Damaged

    It would be cool, but this has nothing to do with APIs.

  • Tiergan

    I would LOVE this feature. I have a bunch of friends on different Discords that I would like to add tags to to distinguish them and make it easier for me to remember who plays what game.

  • Lightingsworth

    Being able to pin friends would be immensely helpful

  • Nour

    Being able to favourite friends or pin convos would be awesome, especially for those you regularly talk to and not having them slip to the bottom when you get spammed by random people.

  • TheRandomeer

    I don't like seeing people I am forced to be friends with through mutual relations be on my screen, so either being able to hide them (while still remaining friends) or push them down as far as possible, either one would be great. 

  • 1nsinq

    Couldn't agree more.

  • animal

    This would be incredibly useful!

  • chloroform chloe

    1. no reasoning or why you think it would help
    2. what benefit is there
    3. "how long do we have to wait for this..." lol.

  • Griffin Phillis

    Yeees, I'd love for this to be a thing! Can't have enough of organization, right? c;

  • [dandere]Smity (Erza)

    show pinned contacts at bottom of screen in the app below message bar so you can tell when they are on if in server they arent in

  • Trav

    Would LOVE to see this. We just posted an example and are very happy to vote this feature request up!



  • Krobo
    please explain further
  • Gamnem

    I think he means to favourite friends like in Skype. Or probably categorize them, idk.

  • Noah
    This would come in very handy. I love the idea!
  • Noah
    Love it! Could you be used in a bad way, and people could be mad that they're only "friends" and not "best friends" - but in the end it's a nice suggestions.
  • Evaisa

    I don't have enough friends for this but I still agree.

  • lengo
    Not sure if this is completely necessary. Although it would be cool to have, and the more features the merrier!
  • KeshetBehanan

    I agree

  • Arrietty

    That'd be real helpful. I have so many friends.

  • Archi
    This is really fantastic. Thank you for your suggestion
  • Zaphod

    Like how the Blizzard app has favourites; to have more than say 50 members, it would be nice to see your pals who are one line first

  • Benji

    Is this a good idea or another one of those PFFT ideas. Let me know by up voting or down voting this!

  • [EPIC] Waifu ☆♪

    very epic indeed.

  • CarcinogenZ

    agreed, i get lost in so many PMs and friends, being able to pin some would be awesome (personally even a necessity)

  • Nusket

    I was just about to suggest the same thing. I've wanted this feature for about a year because it'd be extremely useful to be able to just quickly find the people you talk to the most. A way to add Best Friends into Discord would be awesome!

  • TheRandomeer

    I know I commented on this like three months ago but I still feel this is a necessary improvement for Discord and do hope that it can be added in the near future <3 

  • Kess

    Yeah it's make so much sense to have a Favorites for your best friends and favorite group conversations so they don't change position. Especially being able to pin them to the sidebar where the servers are would be nice

  • MeowMiau

    I'm a super heavy Discord user and this is like a necessity for me at this point. I'm doing game dev and keeping track of all the different devs and players involved using the chat scroll is impossible. I actually had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of people's notes and group them. It would be awesome to even be able to export the information, but having a group tag function like Steam would be a life saver!