Allow Discord volume to be increased beyond what's currently possible.



  • Snupps

    Why is this being downvoted? It's a pretty solid suggestion, if a specific person's mic is quiet then this feature helps solve that.

    If someone decides to blow their speakers out with this it's their own fault. Just have this setting be available in Discord's settings which would warn users of the possible consequences if they turn the setting on.

  • Platinum

    Idk what people are on about, saying "Oh it'll damage your ears" or "It's plenty loud"

    I've met about 3 people on discord who are stupidly quiet, even turning them to 200% and upping my master volume to 100 is barely enough to hear them sometimes. Yes, the problem is due to them having shitty mics, but instead of making every single person with this problem get a new mic, having more that 200% volume increase would solve the problem for everyone. Yes, too loud can be bad for you.... so dont turn up the loud people .-. Easy as that.

  • Caldor

    I have this problem with literally everyone. Where are these loud people who are able to actually become loud? My standard settings for Discord is to have all volumes maxed, then my headset needs to be maxed and no matter the game, its volume has to be turned down to something like 5% or lower. Usually lower. And then I still have to also boost each individual mic... all of this combined and its pretty good... that is a pretty bad standard setting it seems to me. I have not come across anyone that did not find Discord to be extremely low. Obviously setting Discord to 200% on its own ought to be a pretty extreme measure.

    Isnt this pretty much the main thing Discord does? Voice chat... being such a major part of the service, how can it be this bad?

    And yeah, I am also wondering how having the volume at 200% would damage anyones ears? If that is a thing then you must have missed some of these settings... but settings that should not have had to be changed in the first place...

  • Yeanahyea

    I agree we need options to boost the audio more for quiet users! My game audio is like 5% on all my games. This needs to change and to the people winging about it being too loud, who's forcing you to crank it up? If your audio levels are fine then leave it be, What we want is an option to boost audio more, not a permanent boost to the audio. You people are amazingly stupid.

  • Skor49

    well i have a slightly different problem, living in a small apmt, with others, I wish discord had a mode like military comms for a "whisper mode" where i can speak at a low volume and it will amplify my voice to sound normal. if anyone knows of a way me and my gaming clan whould be thankful!

  • Horsifier

    I also need this! When I'm gaming and people talk I can't understand them, even if I max out their volume and output volume, I always have to lower the game volume a lot. It's annoying because when I stop talking on discord I have to set the games' volume up again and vice-versa.

    I don't see why this shouldn't be implemented. If some people think it's too loud they can just leave the slider where they like!

  • Maetag

    Just wanted to add to this...

    Since I've started using Discord, although it's notifications are ear piercingly loud, each and every user had to be increased to 200% and the volume of my headset is set to 100%. At this level, each game or application with sound has to be turned down to to 10% in order to equalize all sound across the board. Not to mention all other system sounds and notifications which are painfully loud.

    Discord is the common denominator here and should be fixed one way or another; it is the only application that needs to be equalized with all other system sounds.

  • Blastoise186
    Translation is Title: "Increase the volume of other users" Description: "I hope the upper limit can be adjusted by more than 200%."
  • le koss de katt

    I have the same problem. I'm being forced to use the browser version of discord, because there the volume is high enough, but that's annoying because the browser version lacks other features (like right click, go live etc.). (If I would use the app i would have to increase the master volume on my pc and headphones to a ridiculous volume, and would for instance have to take the volume on YT videos to 5%, and volume of games like Terraria to 3-5%.) PLEASE FIX DISCORD ;(

  • Pablo-Diablo

    I'm tired of boosting every single user to 200%. Even then they are too quiet.

    Looks like you'd rather spend time creating animated poop emojis then making the whole app not as frustrating to use...

  • Devajufan

    I was just about to make a similar post and so I found this.

    So I have a few ideas for how it could look. Here's an image of the master volume slider:

    As this replace the connection info button,

    I thought this info could be accessible on the

    other side by clicking (where you now get the

    ping by hovering) :

  • whqre

    i need this in my life, let us go to like 500 or 1000% because i dont want to up my master volume because it makes notifications earrapingly loud, and even then its not enough to hear some people, same with streams, love ya

  • Corrodias

    Using the web client, I have output volume at 200% and still can just barely hear my friends over youtube music at minimum volume. On the desktop client at least I could set each person to 200% as well (though it's still inconvenient to do so) but that's not even an option in the web client.

    Give me a volume booster already!

  • 星野まぐ
    Set "Volume of Discord Sound Settings" and "Volume of Windows Volume Mixer App" to "MAX" and finally you can hear the other party's voice. It's very unpleasant to hear a roar when you start the game. If you think about video distributors and users. By all means, I would like you to review and improve the volume of the application once.





  • huibo

    need this

  • Kalli Katzke

    bumping this again to say I have over 90% of my friends at over 100 volume, the majority of the ones I talk to often being at 200, and only a few I've kept at 100 or turned down at all, the default volume level discord is based on is pathetic and if I had all my applications at equal volume I would never hear discord in any situation, above 100% volume should be the exception, not the rule

  • Fireside

    Also bumping this.  Every single person in the channel is at 200% volume.  The output slider is maxed out.  I still have to reduce volume in game (I'll use D3 for this example but its the same across the board) to LITERALLY 8%, and even THEN I have to use attenuation so I can hear anybody.  Having to reduce the level of every other thing in windows to single digit percentages just to hear, then increasing when done on discord is not an acceptable solution.  My computer setup should not revolve around discord.

    Drivers are up to date, correct devices are set in settings.  Happens on both of my headsets, my ear buds, and my xlr mixer setup.  Happens on my laptop, happens on any of my 3 desktops.  The ONLY constant in all these situations is discord itself.  PLEASE give us the ability to push max volume higher!  Unfortunately I'm having to use other apps for now but I prefer Discord, please fix this.

  • Devajufan

    You mean like this? ;)

  • Rhubear

    I no longer use Discord for voice/voip. Other messengers better. Signal, and hopefully Session when voip is rolled out there.


    This is absolutely 100% needed. I currently have everyone in discord set to 200% and I need to turn down all my games and apps master volume to 25% or less and then crank my headphones volume up all the way to be able to hear people.

  • CountCampula

    You would think discord would have better audio controls. When I screenshare everyone else in call can't hear it unless its max volume for me and giving me tinnitus even though their volume is maxed out too. It's dumb and I wish there was a better option.

  • squeaky-clean

    People saying you don't have a problem with this, do you actually play games and use Discord? Unless your friends have a mic preamp and dynamic range compression on their voice it's straight up impossible for them to be as loud as a game. I have to put Battlefield and Counter Strike down to around 5-10% volume relative to Discord at 100% to get them even. Voice comm in CS:GO is MUCH louder than the same people using the same setup in Discord, even with their volume at 200%

    Also digital audio has a limit, and increasing something by even a billion percent doesn't actually mean it blows your ears out. Anything going over the maximum volume is just clipped off. That's why cranking things digitally also sounds distorted and not just louder.

    Basically, if you can turn up Discord such that it damages your hearing, you already had your speakers or headphones so loud that other sounds from your computer were already damaging your hearing.

  • vortico

    Even if there was a hidden setting somewhere in a text file to set the maximum to 1000% or something, I'd use it.

    A higher maximum volume level isn't dangerous for your ears, it's actually safer. In the current situation, if someone is very quiet, I can only turn them up to 200%, so I have to turn up my master headphone/speaker volume to get more headroom. This increases the risk of loud sounds from other users joining the voice channel at 100% volume, or another loud application. If I could turn up the quiet person 1000%, my headphone/speaker headroom can be set to low levels, and that person will be clipped at 0dB so there's little risk for hearing damage.

    I should also point out that percentages (%) are a strange unit for audio. I don't walk into a room and think "this is 200% as loud as the room I was in". Decibels are much more accurate and match the scale of our ears a bit better. I'd love to turn up someone +12dB or -6dB. It makes more sense to me than 400%, 50%, etc.

  • Peekofwar

    I've noticed that when I increase people's volume from 100% to 200%, I cannot hear a difference. To me it seems like it only goes up by like a single decibel if even. What I would like is a decibel-based volume setting, where instead of 200%, it would be an additive dB setting like +6 dB -4 dB or something. 

    The only thing that would work for me currently is if I increased my base-volume, and then decreased other's volumes to balance them. The problem with this is that new people would potentially be way too loud, and I'd have to adjust people's volume all the time which would be annoying. That and notifications would be way too loud (assuming they're on the same audio channel - I have a GoXLR mini, not everyone has this). This is why I do not opt for this.

  • Caldor

    Not sure if this was always the problem, but I found that Windows had reduced the volume of my Discord app to 50%. Setting that to 100% solved this for me, now I can probably make voices from others louder than game audio and such, without the game audio having to be reduced to 5% or less.

    I still do boost the microphone audio, set everything else to 100% and such as well. But now I can reduce the volume of Discord users I am chatting with instead of having everyone at 200% on top of everything else.

    It is like Drew suggested earlier. The volume mixer, not the one just for the overall volume, but where you can see what the audio level is set to for each individual app you have running. That is where I found Discord for some reason was only at 50%. Which I suspect still might be a Discord issue, even though it might seem like a Windows issue, because I am pretty sure it is set at 50% by default and that it should not be.

  • Paullen♤

    What about instead of being able to turn the volume over 200% there could be a button that shows up when you are at 200% to "boost" the volume if a specific person is to quiet.

  • Taurus

    I have solved this problem by instaling virtual audio cable. Setting discort output device to "CABLE Input".

    Then in windows recording devices enabling "listen to this device" checkbox in "CABLE Output" properties.

    And then installing equalizer APO to boost volume of virtual audio cable.

  • Discord Mrfresh

    I think this is a good idea, like I don't need my VC volume up'd but the volume output from the app itself, I'm on windows and I can see how this may be a struggle for some with volume. I think it's a good idea

  • Jean-Michel-Mousticien

    uping discord volume and master to hear a low voice just makes sound alerts painly loud to the hears. This is not discord problem this is windows problem, amplification is as basic as AND gate, i don't see why we dont have +/- 1k% range on microphones in/outputs.

  • Drew

    supposing you’re on windows... make sure ur discord is open and then right click the volume button in the bottom right corner of ur screen. Then click on “open volume mixer” and u should see options to adjust your volume for discord