[Suggestion] Add a "Send" button



  • Bultzen

    We (me and my friends) need a clickable button to send the message, too!


    1. If I can only use my right hand

    2. If I am in a chill-mode and I am relaxing in weird positions on my chair without my right hand on my keyboard and I only want to copy and paste (and SEND!) a link to friends.

    3. If I am sitting on my couch and watching Netflix or Youtube or whatever at my TV Screen. It's so much better to only have a mouse nearby and not both of the Input Devices for several reasons...

    4. Makros/Keylogger are running



    -> right click for paste-send would be enough

    -> In a perfect case I would wish to see an additional small Symbol like the triangle arrow thing that is available for the android application. This should be placed somewhere next to the existing symbols in the chat bar. Furthermore I would like to see Options to disable all of these buttons (making them invisible).

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you guys are missing this feature so badly you can use a mouse button (if your mouse had enough of them) to emulate a enter press.

  • SnowFlake
    It would be nice to have it as an option for some people that use it, but I don't really like it so being able to disable it would be nice too.
  • Caepionis

    Yes! I too need this!

  • Suspence

    This was posted on Reddit, 1.5k upvotes and a ton of awards for a disabled person requesting this feature. It really is needed, please add this.

    As a disabled person, for the love of all things Holy, please add a "send message" button for mouse.


  • darkpenguin

    I'd say what we DON'T need is a button to gift Nitro games there. Or a button to send a GIF, when we already have a button to send emojis. If anything, those buttons should be on the left: "SEND file, SEND gif, SEND emoji". And the only button we need on the right is "send message".

  • Randymations

    Also useful for only sending emojis 

  • purplemontart

    A send button would be very much appreciated, there's no real reason to not have one if the add image function has one. Replace the gift nitro button with it, since I highly doubt there's enough people doing it to justify it being there and it just looks tacky.

  • Sopor

    Skype have one and so do Slack, Telegram, ICQ and even Pidgin, so why not Discord? I have three buttons there already and two of them are totally useless. I also have a disability that makes it difficult for me to use the keyboard, so please add a send button.

  • cyonix

    Totally agree with adding a send button to the windows app.  It took Skype YEARS to do it and its a nice addition when drag and drop or copy paste links.

  • Lilgreyshark

    Please add this feature!!!! You could have a toggle on and off for those who don’t want it. I just want a send button.

  • herpderp

    I would like a send button when I use a 2-in-1 computer in tablet mode. The on-screen keyboard for my tablet has an enter key, but when I press the enter key there, Discord inserts a newline character rather than sending the message. It would be nice if there was a send button so I can tap on the button when I want to send the message rather than taking the computer out of tablet mode just to press the enter key.

  • MacMad

    Yeah! We need it!

  • ChokDKmob

    I got a bad back. Having to move forwards for each message is "hard work"..
    Instead I could sit comfortable in my chair and click "send" for pictures and more.
    Please let us have this option to click to send a message.

  • Subtleknifewielder

    This would be super helpful for another situation too--I have a bad keyboard that I can't really override. It's the built-in one on my own laptop (and before anyone suggests solutions, I've tried disabling it in several different ways--my computer doesn't have that option thanks to a recent Windows update). Several of the keys are sticky, so in the end I just had to upload a key disabler and disable the worst offender--the Enter key--it was firing almost nonstop, making it almost impossible to even log in to my computer. What this disable means, though, aside fromletting me type reasonably normally again, is that good keyboard or bad, none of them will respond to that one anymore. So now, I can type in Discord all I want--but I can't send a message in it unless I want to upload a picture too.Kind of inconvenient for most situations.

  • Soul

    Still want a send button

  • wAffles
    Hi! Just letting you know that in the future you probably shouldn't submit a suggestion that has already been submitted as it will likely be removed anyway for being a duplicate c :
  • wAffles
    how would you like the ownership to be passed?
  • kianianian

    I need this so desperately. I always send links to people, and would have my tablet resting on my laptop's keyboard or papers, or my lunch bowl. It's so inconvenient to have to move these things away, hit enter, and then put them back on. It's come to a point that I just don't send them most times. What I do is paste these links to my notepad, and then send the to people when my work is done. Annoying. It interrupts the workflow.

  • Павел

    I need this

  • PhantomLemon

    I would also appreciate this feature.

  • ToxcsmWolf

    Still needed. But never ever used the gift Nitro button. Also other only need them once in a while.
    remove gift, gif and sticket button, keep emoji button with it thre tabs (maybe add the gift button there too in this submenu?), move the whole thing to the left and add a simple send button on the right.

  • Oat

    Add this! Have it so you can turn it on or off. Its for the people who need it!! More accessibility for those who are disabled and can not hit enter. 

  • Veticia Misumena 🌺🕷

    I'm not disabled. I'm lazy. I'd love to be able to share links with just "right click, paste, send" without having to shift on my chair.

  • Sopor

    Image and video is already supported. It will show an upload button, but I totally agree that a send button would be very nice :)

  • Squinto

    March 6, 2020 : Still no SEND button on Discord Web Chat

  • CarcinogenZ

    You don't even need to do that, all i had to do was right click the text field

  • CarcinogenZ

    Thank you discord devs

  • Zacatero
    If you mean this to mean that you're using browser discord via your PS4... thats like 200% unsupported. So there wouldn't be anything added for any issues surrounding using Discord that way, unless they make a supported app.
  • averillelisa


    i would love this too, from both an accessibility and laziness perspective... i'm constantly navigating over to it (like where it is for slack) and getting frustrated anew when it doesn't exist.

  • Veticia Misumena 🌺🕷

    Oh, cool. With new update I can't even share images now without keyboard. 🙄