Permission that allows a user to join a voice chat with no notification to the users in the chat regardless of their settings.



  • ba8t

    i asked the same thing i want this to be a thing

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I just came here to request this, surprised it hadn't come up. I'm glad to find that this requests already existed, though sad to see it has one comment and 2 downvotes on the original post.

    Anyone who has modded a server with chat channels knows that at some point, someone is going to join and misbehave. It'll get reported, and you'll have to jump in and see what's going on. Everyone also knows that as soon as a mod joins voice chat anyone who was misbehaving will immediately stop and pretend nothing ever happened.

    It makes good sense for a mod/admin role, or even a specific permission that can be assigned to roles, be allowed to "quietly" join a voice chat if needed so it doesn't add them to the list of participants or announce audibly that someone new has joined.