Ban user by ID from server



  • Simone

    doesnt work for me

  • Nova

    I agree with that as well

  • Nova

    I agree with that as well

  • Mega_21

    It would be useful if the built in method was available on mobile, even if it exists

  • ???

    It's very easy to do. The way I would do it is by copying their ID and using Dyno's ban command to do it. ?ban <ID> (remove brackets and just put ID)

    However, there is a second way which of course also requires ID. Make brackets around the ID with a @ (ping). So basically it's <@ID>. Here is a photo that shows the interframe of a user who isn't even in the discord server. Hope this helps! If you need help contact me at ???#2825.

  • Ronin

    Some have already said this but here to make it clear again, this already is a feature but it's a bit complicated.
    Basically, you have to get the "Discord ID" of that certain user you want to ban, then simply fill this in <@IDOfUser>
    That could look like this: <@155149108183695360>

    This only works on PC, though!!

  • Darth
    So essentially a whitelist system?
  • Twisted_Code

    although, as a few people have mentioned, it's already possible to retroactively ban IDs via a few methods (finding their welcome message, mentioning them by <@ID>, using a bot, etc.), I also feel this would be a very simple thing for them to implement. They already have a UI in place for managing bans, so they could just add some sort of selector at the top to enable this. Kind of makes me wonder why it's not already a thing....

  • Northern


  • cupid.rips.hearts

    You can ban the user if you have the ID, and if you have *seen* that user ANYWHERE.
    This is important because Discord doesn't automatically fetch/cache the info of an user when you use this ping, but bots can do it automatically.

    How do you do that? Easy:
    Just type this into any chat: <@[id of the user goes here]>

    Example: <@235088799074484224>
    (This ID belongs to the Rythm#3722 bot)

    This way, you will have a ping you can right-click, on any server.

    I use it all the time, and is a very important tool for me.
    Without this, I would be almost incapable of moderating.

    A suggestion: have all the "welcome" messages go to a room that only you have access to, so you can always cache any user that you need, even if they leave the server.



    This was suggested by Ronin but he didn't went as far as he should, when explaining. Consider this an improvement over his comment.

  • Accalia

    I think I must be missing something here. I am the owner of the server, I have Dynobot on the server, but the <@ID> doesn't work as creating a link to that person that I can subsequently ban.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Ferafish

    The <@ID> method only works when you still share a server (any server, not just the server you're trying to ban them from), in my experience. It also seems to work better on desktop than mobile.

  • aria

    This definitely should be implemented! Sometimes you know you do not want someone in a server before they've even joined due to past experience or they've evaded banning by leaving the server. This loophole is frankly an avoidable one & should be solved, either by banning by their tag or email address. 

  • Blad

    I need this feature, because I actually had to CLOSE my server temporarily, because a person kept on advertising and getting around my bot. It annoys the hell outta me.

  • Velvela

    I think that this is an excellent idea. I would like this feature to be looked into by staff.

  • ocean

    U can do this

    Firt meation user <@ID> and do this like normal

  • TheQueen46756

    All you have to do is say <user_id> in the chat, post it, right click on their username, and ban them.  It's that simple!

  • AlienX

    I just found a way to do that.......the msg sent by discord when someone joins.....just right click n there comes an option....doesnt work in phone tho

  • Nathaniel Robinson

    @Andrew Your suggestion was very helpful, thanks! However, I had to put the ID where the XXX is: <@!XXX>
    Also, it's a pain in the booty to get that ID. I resorted to inspecting my browser traffic when I clicked on their PFP to view their profile, and looked at the JSON data.

  • a$ap nel

    Now that everyone has their issues solved, can we stop necroposting?

  • entity303

    However the feature of hackbanning via mentioning their ids to the server you want them to be banned is gone. I think i need to get the best bot to secure my server a lot more

  • ClearlyElevated

    I have a discord bot that can achieve the feature you are requesting. You simply send the command }hackban and they will be banned even if they aren’t in your server. You can add it here

  • RiaSunhammer

    It would be great to have this available in discord without using an outside bot.

  • Carl365

    Can someone make a bot that is like "forever: if user id=***than ban"


    this is disgusting to see some home alone masturbating kids trying to  Administer people by creating a free discord server, needless to say without any proper education/skill in management. Sad