Read/Seen Messages



  • cakecatboy

    I don't like this kind of feature, cause it's the opposite of privacy. Besides, people on phones can read the message on their notifications without actually clicking on the window.

  • Chou Tzu-yu

    Screw that... Facebook and Instagram have some pressures around reading and seeing messages. Discord is for the MLG pro g4m3rs, not for casually dating your cousin lol, because I know that you really want to see if she has read your MSG's xdd

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    I just had a thought.  Until discord adds a read/seen indicator for direct messages – like in fb messenger or skype, maybe we could just have a human driven protocol.  I've started the practice of sending a message with just a full stop (period) in it to indicate to the person I'm messaging with that I've read their message.  Maybe a message with just a forward slash could be used to indicate that messages have been part read?

  • Mazzy

    Like others have said, and as is in many apps that include this feature. An option to only allow friends to know messages are read or to not anyone know entirely is an absolute must.

  • Fafu

    People think it's a breach of privacy because it tells other people when they read messages. As mentioned above make it an optional thing, But instead with the 2 sides. Like someone who wants the seen mark to be applied by him and visible to other people. And the same with the other side if they want the messages to be marked as seen for them or not. Also I can't see any problem why people are just stating the fact that it can only work in dm's, Well yea sure the dm's is the best general option but. They can just do a setting for each message sent in a server to tell you what members have seen your message. Like the reactions thingy, On phone just hold on the messages and press info and on pc a right click. Yes this was inspired by WhatsApp and I find it really easy and understandable, But hey nice feedback tho but pretty obvious and general +1 upvote

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    I've just had an idea. Some of us want to know whether people are reading our messages and other of us want to protect our privacy.  How about this as a simple solution........

    in direct messages from others (not in servers/channels) there could be a new facility to indicate a 'read' message alongside the 'pin' facility.  If you are getting frustrated about not knowing whether someone has read your messages you could ask them to  let you know using the 'read' message facility.  This would cause a read symbol ( a dot of some sort?) to appear on the message

    This way people's privacy would not be violated and a 'new message' alert would not be generated  but people could indicate that they had read someone's message and frustration levels could be reduced all round!

    Or, to make the process even simpler, you could have grey dot (for US speakers that's gray) near the grey emoticon facility.  When clicked on the dot would change colour (eg. blue) and stay visible even when the focus had moved off the dot.  The change of colour would indicate that the message had been read.

    What do you reckon?

  • Light

    In my honest opinion, I think Discord is more than just for gaming only and I think my title is pretty clear on what point I was trying to get across. 'Read/Seen messages' is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever you send a message to someone you would see when the person has read it with a certain icon that shows that they have read it. Apparently most people take this as an invasion of privacy, even though I added the idea that this feature can be toggled off . @PhilipSuttonOz's idea seems better maybe, at least it's understandable. However, I think it's just overall easier if you didn't have to click or do certain things to show that you have read an unread message. The easiest and best idea is to just toggle it off if you don't want to 'invade your privacy' or cause any frustration to another person.  Apparently nobody paid attention to what I said " If people have mixed feelings about this, maybe this could be a feature that can be toggled off/on." in my first post. So let me clarify, if you don't like the feature, then toggle it off.

  • Kei

    Nah, that would be troublesome for some people


  • UniBrine

    No , just no , first it's just copying facebook and next it might cause trouble for certain people because sometimes you just want to left without telling them anything , maybe if you could enable or disable it ,but I don't think it is a great idea

  • Potato

    I support

  • Frosty
    Not bad
  • SpootLoops

    I would love this for both DMs and servers-- it seems like a lot to ask, but if it was put in as an option for smaller servers, I would absolutely love that and be able to use Discord as my main messaging platform for my friends. Please!!

  • Zycim

    How about an option to enable it? People won’t be able to see if you’ve read their messages by default but if you go to settings you can add the option where it shows others that you’ve read their message.

  • Natsukashi

    Well technincally there is, but it's more so if you're there and see it like i did when i discovered it. It's whenever they look at the messge, you'll see the scroll bar on the side appear for like a second.

  • Dern

    I think this is good for dms maybe not servers as some servers are really big and that would be a lot of names


    Hmm, I think there is already something like that?

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Maybe discord could go one step towards helping people indicate that they have read/seen a dm message.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, as a courtesy to people I'm dm messaging with, if I've seen their message but have nothing to say in reply, I now just send a single full stop (period).  The downside is that this will trigger a notification which might annoy the person I'm messaging with.  So how about discord tweaks the app so that if a single keystroke such as a full stop or a comma or a forward slash is sent that this no longer triggers a notification.  That would make it very convenient to confirm that you have read a message.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX


  • test2

    @PhilipSuttonOz you can just use an emoji reaction to their message, send an okay-hand and it won't ding them, and it does the same thing as let them know you've read it.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Hey Anonymous, that's brilliant.  At last a method that will work without any major downsides.  A friend of mine suggested using the :eye: emoji

  • Wyulliam

    This will be really helpfull. We use discord as our main communication app in work (we used slack, but slack uses much more RAM).

    Sometimes we need to spreed a message and we don't know who read it. Think something like: "hey, meetup at 16". If I could know who saw this and who didn't, I could message that specif person on whatsapp or something. Otherwise, I would need to message anyone in pvt, or something like that.


    I just got here, are you guys developing it or something?

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Hi Viuleão,  It doesn't seem like anyone who has written in this thread is working on discord development.  we seem to be users who were frustrated by the lack of a read/seen function.  we started by suggesting how it could be designed in the hope (on my part at least) that this might encourage discord programming team members to give it a go.  But as time went on I got interested in trying to figure out a user-driven work around..  Happy to discuss this further if it interests you.

  • (N/A)&Void

    Discord is not an app traditionally meant for business use. If you're using it this way then you guys are already going past it's normal intended use. Now onto this feature, if you want a confirmation that someone has seen your message about a meeting, there's really only one way. Having a simple read message is a deathknell for a busy person, or someone with attention disabilities. Why? Because we;re going to be flipping through all the messages just to get rid of your notification so it stops bothering and lets us continue on to work. If you want someone to say that, yes I saw your message and will go to your meeting, they need to say it to you. 

    - Read

    Does not mean someone has acknowledged your message.

  • Wyulliam

    But keep in mind that, if you have no way at all to make something, you can't impose anyone to do something.

    But have a way for that thing, and the team agrees it is going to work that way (using discord channels for example), you are wrong if you are not reading the messages, and will be charge for that.

    We use Discord for performance reasons (we work with Programming, and the programs we use alread consume a lot of resources).

    I just pointed that out to show that a Read funcionality can help both individuals and groups of people. 

    If this option can be turned on/off on the server settings, there is harm in my point of view

  • test2

    Making a mandatory read/seen message is a terrible idea for discord. Just look up thousands of 'left on read' memes/jokes that people take being left on read EXTREMELY personally. Not everyone has the ability to respond as soon as they see a message. Some of my friends have a hard time disconnecting when they're emotional, and I like to give them space until they are good to come back, but still keep the dm open in case something bad happens.

    Enforcing this type of system would only encourage ignoring friends, or create problems between people whose emotions run high / take it personally. There's a reason discord was so successful with their 'switch from skype' advertising.

  • NachozZ

    This is absoloute bullsh**, sometimes I just don't want to answer to the person who sent me a message for specific reasons, this is just privacy invasion! Atleast make it so the function is optional and you canturn it off so people don't see that I read their messages.

  • Matthew

    Here comes everyone complaining about it being an iNvAsIoN oF pRivAcY

  • jace

    not gonna lie i thought it was a good idea

  • Neztore
    Couldn't agree more
  • Evil Paragon

    I definitely agree with this, because I much prefer talking to my friend on Discord where I could play ignorant and assume they haven't seen my message yet, than on Facebook where they see it and I stress over it for an hour until they respond, if they respond.