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  • jean_ravenclaw

    Not only for DM's, but this would be great for community servers too to see how active people are and how many messages are left on 'seen zone'.


    I myself am annoyed at how people ignore my messages - even though sometimes they aren't. A lot of people go on invisible and I need to know whether they have seen my message and didn't know what to say or just havent read it yet or anything.

  • BorutoPlays [dont dm]

    I wish they add this in christams:}

  • hahaharshil

    I need this

  • FreqHandy

    I've given up and uninstalled this trash platform months ago.... Can't seem to find a way to delete my profile or change me email notification settings.

    Saddens me that ignorant people argue over their privacy paranoia, and those that find use in a basic feature go ignored....

    So much disorganization and lack of communication... I don't understand how Discord got this big?

  • The local Junko Enoshima

    I know I'm 2 years late but yeah I would love something like this added to Discord I have a friend who said that She got covid-19 and I'm worried sick the last text from her was around I don't know maybe 07/12/20 I'm worried sick and I don't know if she lived or not I have no text back and she said that her mom and dad watch over her like a hawk so I'm not sure if it's her mom and dad that deleted her discord or if she died.

  • zumi

    yess, this would be so awesome. The only problem is, I think it would only work in dms. Still, I think it would be super helpful.

  • WCJK

    I agree to this too

  • Its Sydney


  • 死すべき愛

    Please do something about this

  • Tornado

    When will you be adding a feature to see if your message is seen/read ? Thought it will be a useful feature where you can have option to disable and enable read receipt like iMessage

  • alekosot

    A definite must have, that's keeping me from moving a couple of my chat groups to Discord.

    I agree that opting-out is also a must have, but I would also like to emphasize that, besides DMs, (at least small) groups need this as well. Organizing a group is definitely much easier with an indication that members have been notified.

  • ECC9

    I think it makes Discord special and cool by not having this feature. I don't know but honestly I like that Discord don't has this as a feature.

  • Codesidian

    WhatsApp already has a great solution for this. Read receipts are either enabled or disabled on a user basis:

    If you enable them you send & receive read receipts. 

    If you disable them, you neither send or receive read receipts. 

    Those who want them can get them, but only if they're talking to people who also want them. 

    I'd go one step further and have "currently typing" toggleable. Personally, I want to ability to not have read receipts and not have currently typing. My activity is nobody's business but my own. 

  • Silen

    This would be a great future. Would really need this both for DM and smaller channels. I have several workgroups for my workteam and it would be great to see when all of my coworkers have read the latest post in a channel and who needs to get a text or phone call so they don’t miss the information..

  • Ruhat





  • mrRootLog

    It depends actually, opinions can be different from person to person, personally I wouldn't love if this feature was available. I really like discord in the way that it is right now. In the best scenario, users can be given with option and based on their personal choice they may make it available or not. Thanks

  • NinjaSpirit

    I support this, and here are my thoughts.

    It would be great if this was a feature, and this would possibly work for servers. You could already see who read the message, and by default, it could show who the first 100+ saw it. If more than 100 people saw the message, the list could be hidden and will show how many people saw it. It could show how many people actually does visit your server and take the time to click the #announcement channel.

    Servers and Group Chat owners should be allowed to turn this feature on or off. For individuals, it would either be default on, or off. I have no idea how both users will agree on turning this on or off, but maybe some sort of request feature, or a privacy feature? I'm sure someone knows a better way of doing this, and I am looking forward for a smarter individual to reply with a better situation. For the Discord team, I would love to see this feature, and I would like to see this feature as an optional rather than a "Automatically and forever show who saw your message". 

  • Louie

    I went looking to see if Discord could do this. I agree this would be really handy to have on both DMs and servers.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Given that the Discord team seems to be ignoring this request (well, for 2 years anyway!) does anyone know if it would be possible to create a mod as a work around to add the feature for those who want it?

  • madmax_hart

    I would be able to get behind that. I can't code (I have very little experience coding). But I would be able to help in any way I could with this.

  • Randymations

    Conceptually, a mod like that would technically be possible. The catch is both people would need to have the mod for it to work. Not to mention there would need to be a dedicated third party server handling read receipts and the entire thing would be against Discord TOS. All of this combined means that spending time on developing something like this would be pretty useless.

  • madmax_hart

    Yeah true. Is there any way someone who could send Discord support an email about this because I don't think they have looked into this or made any comments?

  • @

    Im sorry....fren,.🙏🤝

  • Light

    Damn, you guys are still going at this feature! It's been two years already. Someday they'll have to acknowledge it. Someday...

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Yeah.  Someday......
    It would be interesting to know what the internal discussion has been in the Discord development team!! 

  • madmax_hart

    Yeah. Now that you mention it. I would really like to know what the discussion was/has been about this topic.

  • Thorben

    Yes and, like in other messaging apps, you shouldn´t receive read notifications if you aren´t sending them / toggled that function off.

    The other one should also see if someone toggled that function off.

  • Agreed, for sure. I actually found this thread while searching for a pro-ToS seen/read plugin if that was possible, however yeah this is an idea that should certainly be implemented tbh. I could understand privacy concerns, so maybe just make it so that there is an opt-in/out button somewhere?

  • TheLastNombarianKing👑

    I 100% agree too many times someone could look at your message and just not respond to you leaving you waiting for a response from them until enough time has passed where you know ok they arent responding. This will help people not waste their time in waiting for responses or to see if someone got the message. I also dont understand why people are complaining about being pestered when they can literally block or mute the person.

  • Ruhat

    They really should have this

    it comes in handy for study groups and other groups

    sometimes they don't reply and i call them 5 to 6 times

    its really annoying please add this feature