Read/Seen Messages



  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Totally agree with Light that we need lots of upvotes.
    As well as just occurred to me that we might increase the chance that the discord development team takes on read/seen function idea, if some of us in this discussion thread do some of the initial high-level functionality design work - so it takes the discord team less time to implement the idea.  What I have in mind would not involve any coding.

    A first step might be to go back through all the messages (groan!) to pull out all the design ideas (gold!).  Maybe we could create a server so interested people can work together?  And we could perhaps assemble the ideas in a google doc? 

    Once we have all the current design ideas in one place then we could sort them into coherent design options.  And then we could ask people in this thread to vote on the main options to see what will work best for most people?

    Is this worth doing?

  • In5ane

    Bruv, I want this NOW



  • madmax_hart

    Yes. I agree.

  • BlackfyreOutlaw

    Echoing this request again. Please add this feature for DMs

  • Snake

    I think it's pretty safe to say if someone wants you to know they saw your message, they would respond. I know if I got a message from you, i'd likely ignore it too.

  • Randymations

    Well said. Seems like the people complaining that they don't know if their friends saw their message just don't have very good friends.

  • Laurencia

    There are couples in discord as well. You should know if the message has been ignored or not so it can be cleared out by each of them. If you don't want this, means you support either cheating or ignoring someone instead of just facing them or blocking them. Simple as that.

    Should be both on DMs and groups. But prioritize on DMs.

  • Sushi

    We definetly need read receipts!

  • Amo

    I agree with this. I upvoted :D

  • Peter Y

    very useful feature! highly required 

  • sgtlion

    Eh, maybe. Probably only if this is both a mutual-only and a manually-opt-in feature.

    Kids, if someone isn't replying to you, yes, they're either busy or they don't want to talk to you right now. Either way, they'll reply to you when they're willing and able. Being able to CALL THEM OUT FOR IGNORING YOU will not make your relationship any better.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Why assume that people want (optional) read receipts because they want to call out people, especially people they don't relate to well.

    The reason why I want read receipts  is so that I know whether a good friend has seen my messages - not to hassle them.  The exact opposite in fact, so that I don't need to double check with them and waste their time (and mine!).

    People are often pretty busy.  We frequently don't get around to replying to friends just to say "hey I saw your message".   That's what so good about being able to opt into an automatic system that can do the work for you, taking the pressure off about giving a personal confirmation reply.

    My friend and I have an arrangement where we mark each other's messages when we have read them (using a particular reaction emoji) - but with the best will in the world we forget to do this more often than not

    If Discord had an optional read receipts system, then it would only be used by people who get on well (otherwise one of the parties would turn it off).

  • Jet

    Totally agree on this, I feel like it should be added. I feel like it would be a great addition to discord. Of course, would need to have the options for turning it off and on for each individual person and have it customized like that somehow.

  • pxpcandy

    Honestly, I have to disagree. It takes away a tiny piece of your privacy, and would make Discord more like a clone of every other social networking platform

  • hajime

    a couple years later, i dont think this is needed. if it is added it should be a toggleable option, not something thats just set to being to default.