Sending messages by Ctrl+Enter



  • moonlightcapital
    I got used to the opposite, so I'm strongly against breaking changes like this one. Imagine sending a multi-line message early because of this, ugh.
  • Syrill

    >> Imagine sending a multi-line message early because of this, ugh.

    That's what is happening to me now :)

    I'm not saying it should be the only way for texting.
    I'm saying it should be an OPTION that I can turn on in settings.

  • Petey

    I need this, too. Everything else I use does this (or has an option to):

    • Gmail
    • Telegram
    • Jira
    • Fork (the git GUI that I use)

    I always forget to use shift+enter in Discord, making for lots of very short messages lol

    Please, please add this as an option!

  • Veta

    I miss this OPTION too. Even junior can commit this option, please, do this for a millions users, it will be nice!

  • Belyavin

    If you try to position yourself as an alternative for Skype, you should at least have not less features then it (and Skype has it as long as I can remember it).

  • Danil

    It's ridiculous.

    I was going to switch to Discord from Skype, since it essentially died, but really, I'm used to send massages with Ctrl+Enter, and without it I may as well use Skype 8, it won't be much worse.

  • darkpenguin

    This was actually THE reason I could not use Discord at all. If at least the client was libre software, someone would have fixed it long ago.

  • Dmitrii

    Please make it possible to send a message by Ctrl + Enter

    Сделайте пожалуйста возможность отправки сообщения по Ctrl+Enter

    S'il vous plaît activer l'envoi du message en utilisant Ctrl + Entrée

    Bitte erlauben Sie das Senden einer Nachricht mit Strg + Enter

    请按Ctrl + Enter发送消息





  • Kirsan

    Really miss this option too.

  • denexapp

    Same here. I use ctrl-enter everywhere: slack, telegram, vk and it's so uncomfortable to use shift enter instead. If this option will appear, this would be much enjoyable discord experience xd

  • None

    add this option please!

  • Psittacus erithacus

    Have to add my voice to the chorus, this is a common enough setup in other apps and on different systems that it is a real shame that it isn't an option here.

  • Eaglecott

    It is really suprising to see the message being sent when I just wanted to make a new line.
    The message was not ready to be sent.

  • irvnriir

    it has been a year since, and still no change, even though the function is so essential .

  • ewerybody

    If you're adventurous or desparate or just into convenience hacking (like me) you could do stuff like this with Autohotkey :)

    For instance. For the `Discord.exe` Windows Desktop app this works:

    #IfWinActive, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1 ahk_exe Discord.exe
    enter::Send, +{Enter}
    ^enter::Send, {Enter}

    • Install Autohotkey
    • Save this^ as an .ahk-file.
    • run it.


    Gets a little trickier if you want this in the browser Since there can be so many different things in tabs and still being the same window. Discord doesn't even write anything like "discord" into the tab-Name :/ You could do this when the title starts with `@` or `#` but this could be anything. Switching Enter to Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Enter to Enter is not a SO problematic change anyways. 🤷‍♂️ But take care! Better scope these kinds of changes as much as possible! You can shoot your foot pretty quickly with Autohotkey 🤪

  • Carsten

    This is such an essential feature, every other messenger has it, why not Discord? Leave Enter as the default and give us an option to use Ctrl + Enter instead. Having this feature would make Discord my preferred (primary) messenger.

    Please give us a switch to let us use Ctrl + Enter to send!

  • rumraisin

    I strongly agree with Syrill's opinion.
    Switching option that enable us to post with only Enter key or combination of Command/Ctrl/Shift and Enter key is necessary.

  • алекс с цифрами

    подтверждаю! Очень хочется CTRL+ENTER 

  • Crazyleon

    If you want to give format to messages, also to fix them in the channel, I can recommend to ALL of you:

    1. Open Notepad

    2. Write whatever it is 

    3. Paste into discord chat

    4. Magic, format is there

    You are welcome



  • evg-zhabotinsky

    Crazyleon Yes, that's exactly that I'm doing when sending more than a couple lines in Discord.
    Why? Because I'm bound to forget to press Shift when starting another paragraph, sending the unfinished message.
    Why would I forget that? Because almost literally everywhere else Enter starts a new paragraph, without requiring Shift.

    And very often Ctrl+Enter works as "submit", whether it sends a message in a chat, an e-mail, or a comment on code fragment on Bitbucket, or commits your changes in GIT.
    Worst case scenario, Ctrl+Enter does nothing or starts another paragraph, so I don't have to remember if it works in each specific app or website.

    Would I like to have the same convenient and consistent behavior in Discord too? Absolutely!
    Do I like having to remember to press Shift every time or to open an external text editor right away? Not really.

  • Crazyleon

    evg-zhabotinsky Absolutely agree

    Extra bump for implementation

  • tossha

    Can't believe this is still not implemented.

  • Yves

    Bump.  I'm asking friends to contact me on Slack nowadays; too annoyed at Discord because of that.

  • rumraisin

    I think it is not so difficult to implement the function.
    Wumpus, you think so too, right?

  • Deliverator

    Bump, Wumpus

  • ZoolooS

    There is few same topics here. Unfortunatly, Wumpus still ignoring them.

  • Nathan Riddle

    Not sure why everyone else is so annoyed?

    (for chat programs) shift+enter for crlf is fairly standard I thought (with enter = send)
    (FB, MightyText, Steam, YT, etc)

    My typing workflow expectation  with Discord remained natural.

    Other programs (gmail, word, etc) are predominately not a chat program, thus enter = crlf, not send.

  • Kirsan

    @Nathan Riddle

    Not sure why everyone else is so annoyed?

    The answer is simple - look at age of the requesters, I think big part of them > 30 years old ;) In early days of internet and chat programs standard was: enter = new line, ctrl+enter = send. And this is comfortably when you are sending messages other then smiles and brief txt...

    To clarify -  I am both hands vote for this feature :)

  • Psittacus erithacus

    @Nathan Riddle

    Thanks for sharing. Somewhat unsurprisingly, I find that knowing that this issue doesn't bother you actually doesn't improve the situation in any way. I could list all the software that I interact with which discord doesn't match, but that won't actually help you in any way, so I'll refrain.

  • Danil

    Nathan Riddle, dude, if it just so happens that most of the programs you use just so happened to use enter for message sending, it doesn't mean that most programs overall use it.

    Skype, telegram, all of the mail programs and mail websites, literally all the forums (including this one I'm writing right now), all of the social networks I use (you see: social networks you use are not the only one in the internet) — all of them use ctrl+enter to send a message.

    Youtube, by the way, also uses ctrl+enter for message sending. It's only live chat that is the other way around.

    So, no, shift+enter is not the only way every program uses for line break sending. And I don't care if all of these programs using ctrl+enter out there are chat programs of not: I really want to use the one uniform method of sending messages everywhere, regardless of if it's a chat or not.

    Also, imagine for a minute that discord would use ctrl+enter for message sending and wouldn't allow you to choose. Would you be annoyed? I sure hope not, why would you? Almost every program I use uses ctrl+enter, so I'm sure it must be comfortable for you too /s

    I guess, that's why most programs give user a choice to use enter of ctrl+enter. Well, except for Discord.


    Kirsan, I'm 20, and I haven't seen early days of the internet. It doesn't stop me from wanting to comfortably write long multi-line messages.