Removing the locks on highest ranking roles.



  • ケンジ

    You can't add locks, Discord adds them. What i'm trying to say is that if you have like the lowest role in the server you can't check the server settings unless that role gives you permission but if that role gives you permission you won't be abble to modify higher roles or give yourself those roles but you can give yourself roles and create rolesif of course that role allows you.

  • Seriko Lee

    Someone recommended this but this is not helpful tho.

    Some guy keep breaking the rules and trying to destroy the server,

    I have a photo of the banned person.

    I don't like people i don't interview  to whatever a lock is useful for such things as blocked people without merit. or have merit get their hands on staff perms.


  • Kinda_Just_There

    I think we should be able to edit the hierarchy of higher roles, With permission of the person who has said role, Because the server owner left one of the servers they were in, And now the mods are ranked higher than the server owner. Maybe we could figure a permission system so you'd have to ask everyone with the role to up or lower the hierarchy of said role

  • Kiwis

    The whole purpose of that is so people can't just add ranks to them. Example:

    Wumpus is the Head Mod

    Wumpus wants to become admin.

    Wumpus adds himself as an admin.

    Wumpus destroys the server.

    That is what will happen, but in the current system, Wumpus needs to get someone higher than admin (usually owner) to add him to prevent this.

  • Purple_ Anachronism

    How do you add locks to roles

  • ExcessMana

    I think OP means:
    Remove locks from your highest role. 

    Being a super-admin or mega-mod (mod role made specifically for me) and i cant change my color for it, although on another server i managed it was possible. I think it's a setting somewhere but can't find it anywhere. Google led me here...

    EDIT: it looks like perms from that server changed too. I think Discord updated or something

    Resolution: Making mod/admin roles colorless and make color roles and it's done

  • B//EidolonEntropy

    I don't know about removing the locks, but there should definitely be a failsafe for if the highest ranking individual gets stuck with a role they cannot edit due to, for example, the previous owner deleting their account. Other services accomplish this through an appeals page where your issue goes through a human who reviews the situation and chooses to grant the permissions to you.

    edit: there actually is a way to do this! using the request button at the top of the page, one of the support options is transfer of server ownership.

    edit 2: it only works for servers with +100 members, so I'm back at square one for my specific issue

  • Sleepy

    To remove locked roles yoy need owner but if u are just remove the administrator from the role permissions and if you want it locked add administraitor to the role perms(Hope this helped) :D

  • Pony_Macaroni

    The issue I'm currently running into is that I AM the server manager, and I have that highest ranked role, but I still can't edit it without asking the owner of the server to do something. Is there a way he can unlock the role for me so I can also edit?