Bot Partnership Program: Custom Discriminator for Bots



  • Donovan_DMC

    This would be nice, I'm craving that 0669 for my bot

    Though I've had my bot for so long I remember its current descrim

  • Starfield_9
    I suggest only if their owner has discord nitro, and as usual if nitro expires, the discrim is scrambled.
  • Zacatero
    I agree with Starfield_9. The bot should only have the perks if the user keeps the subscription active.
  • Stijn
    This would really be nice to have
  • Frosty
    Nice idea! I like this!
  • Inspector Soviet
    Good idea!
  • Eti

    This seems like it would be pretty cool.

    The only potential issue I see from it is people making bots to impersonate a different bot, but this is something that already exists with Nitro users (or do they prevent people from having identical usernames and discriminators?) I don't think this issue is a very big deal though and would be more than willing to accept the risks (again, assuming that's even allowed in the first place).

  • Tauxxy

    Discord does not allow people with identical usernames and discriminators.
    Another thing is maybe you would have to apply for this too, like you couldn’t just buy nitro and bam, but it’d be easy to get in too. Just a simple form or something. Kinda like the hype squad thing. its just, cuz I remember there was a thing when InviteManager, a bot a lot of people use for tracking invites, went down and someone booted up a fake bot. Tho to be fair the guy still would either have to change a letter or something, if he were to use the same discrim.

  • duncte123

    I agree with Starfield_9, this is a feature that would be nice to have for when there is a 3-4 digit number associated with a character that your discord bot is based off for example.


    Yeah. This is good idea. I think, we not must have nitro to use that!