Add button push to talk outside discord app for mobile version



  • Zmonst3rz

    Please upvote to help this change happen!!

  • Nakauri

    Currently can only listen to discord while in separate apps. Have to close or minimize what I'm doing to open discord and respond. Please integrate a "floating head" bubble as a PTT option, or allow bottom overlay to maintain outside the app

  • zEx

    Yea it really needs some floating button when app is in background.

  • yelrom0

    I agree. I'm often a guest on a friend's Twitch stream and when I'm on my phone I have to swap out of the Twitch chat (which I'm normally moderating at the same time) to discuss what we're doing on stream. It would be much easier to be able to push to talk while inside the app, and much quicker to respond.

  • silverslurpee

    if you publish an Android intent that activates PTT, developers could make an app that integrates it.

    either way, this would be a win, thinking of coordinating PoGo raids across multiple cars with this

  • VulgarDaClown

    I have a cat s41 that literally has a button dedicated to ptt, but I would only use it for discord which won't allow it. Upvoted..

  • ely


  • Forte

    Please, even if you don't want to develop one yourself, go the Zello PTT route and allow a 3rd party dev to trigger PTT. exists by a third party devoper, and it would be AWESOME if it (or another app) could trigger discord's PTT

  • adamskiNO

    Cat S41 here with dedicated button which can be configured as PTT, please support...

  • arablobster

    Can you do this with iOS too?

  • de_1337

    I wish it was possible to keybind even the simple button on the mic of a mobile headset to PTT. What's the point of an mobile app with PTT if I constantly have to be on the phone and can't put my phone in a pocket while talking?

  • Ivan -Siroup-

    @de_1337 do you use discord for playing game or travelling?
    Do you play game while your phone on pocket? Hmmmmm weird

  • Miller

    Me and a buddy are playing a mobile game together called lineage 2 revolution.. we decided to download discord and lo and behold discord is useless for mobile gaming. Im going to rate it 1 star to help prevent others from wasting there time trying to figure out how to use it in game.

  • drky

    The push to talk on mobile should be the overlay display, this would be a great improvement to the mobile application.

  • RyeJVlan

    That OR trigger the push to talk from the pickup or action button on almost all earbuds/headphones. Love the push to talk feature because I’m usually in a noisy environment but it’s unusable if it’s only in the app. I can’t be closing my game in the middle of a fight in order to push to talk

  • Copenhagen

    Yes this is a must!

  • wtfuredead

    Please everyone get more traction to this thread so hopefully the devs will see it

  • Copenhagen

    All it would take is an option to turn on an overlay button for it. It would be to easy.
    Also, have the ability to move it around where you want it like the Facebook Messager button. I've noticed that the overlay that is currently in the app can't be moved anywhere, thats sort of inconvenient as well.

  • Storm

    10 months, later.

  • Ikkizy

    We do really need this...

  • sasa

    Need hardware PTT button! while phone is in off display, it's take time to wake the phone up and unlock the screen then push the screen PTT... Take a long...

  • micsen

    Intent support would be awesome please make!!

  • Ignore if it's over

    Still waiting, devs...

  • colonelclick

    Yes, PTT, floating bubble, with a toggle to disable screen sleep.

  • fMagrão

    1y after and nothing...?! The best solution is Vol-Up-to-Talk.
    My phone really needs it because its mic is near to speaker and forces me to use earphones.
    Hope push-to-talk Android comes true!

  • Yeah, I want the overlay PTT.

    I was playing Among Us and I keep on getting kicked due to app suspension.

  • Henri

    I have a Dedicated PTT key on my phone DooGee S60 works perfect just not for discord.  

    discord what do we need so you wil fix this?

  • Tequilana

    Being able to use a keyboard (tablet with Bluetooth keyboard) would be a great option as well.

  • Don Cristian

    Dejé una review de una estrella en la App Store de Apple, y me mandasteis aquí a votar por esta opción. Pero de verdad os cuesta tanto habilitar la opción de que no tengamos que estar dentro Discord para “pulsar y hablar”, y hacerlo desde un botón cualquiera, como en un teclado bluetooh? Es que es de puta coña.

  • K0media

    The pop-up overlay button is done. But what about the press and hold PTT feature? They didn't think of that? 🤔