More payment methods for Nitro



  • Butterfingers

                                     100% True (Add more payment methods)

  • Neighbors

    Я тоже за то что бы были региональные цены, так как курс доллара для Украины большой. Тем более что большинство магазинов уже так сделали, надеюсь Дискорд не затянет с этими нововведениями.

  • Doggo

    the reason they don't have paypal or anything related to it, is because of the charback issue, it is too easy to charge back on paypal

  • 🅵🆁🅴🅽🅲ᴴ

    Yeah it would be useful but there's nothing rn so yah... we need this though.

  • hqlo

    I don't think discord is ever going to add new payment methods in the next time, this thread is over 3 years old...
    Anyways, I have found ways to still get Nitro when not having a credit card/paypal.
    All you need is an android phone (not sure about iOS, but you can also use an Android emulator with Play Store) and of course money.
    First of all, you need to get yourself a Google Play gift card, which is available in almost any country and shop.
    You then need to redeem it in the Google Play Store on your android phone or Android emulator.
    Download Discord on Google Play.
    Open Discord and go to your user settings, and go to the Subscription section.
    Once there, click on the subscription you want to subscribe to and choose your Google Play Balance as payment method.
    And there you have your Nitro.

    I know this isn't really that convenient and Discord should really add more payment methods, but still a way around this.
    Hope I could help, and please Discord add new payment methods, like giropay or something like that...

  • The Meme Lord

    Sounds like its a YOU problem

  • Nishinoya

    i know that they put google pay to buy nitro but google play is not in our country idk why so that's the problem

  • INKnight

    If this is added someday, they should take into consideration the price of games converted to BRL. Using as an example the Hollow Knight, in dollars, it has the same price ($14.99) on Steam and the Discord Store, converting this price to BRL, costs approximately BRL 57.60, on Steam, it costs only BRL 27,99.

  • Kowalski

    @Fishy Marlon Like NS Online?

  • Pieman3K

    Simply put, it's up to the publishers to do their homework on currency conversion, not Steam's (which is why there has been direct gifting region locks for the past couple of years).

    It's like the British often complaining with $1 = £1, which is more than justifiable. If it's up to them, the conversion rate will remain the same since the moment the currency became available here... Look at Square Enix not-so-recently raising the sub price for FF14 for both Brazil, Russia and perhaps other countries that had an odd share, or for instance Firaxis, 2K as well as others I'm currently unaware of, or recent releases from some major studios keeping closer track on these rates, but may probably be ignored as time passes.

    Smaller or Indie publishers not always do that homework and release on that lower standard without looking back... Yet somehow thankful for that since the disposable income for that is inferior, and the hardware expensive since we mostly import tech (after copious amounts of protectionist barriers and excessive taxes alike).

  • ks
    Crypto currennies as fancy as they are are reliable payment method since their value changes on daily, sometimes even bidaily basis, G2A don't support subscription as far as i am aware
  • ks

    we have
    1. Debit card
    2. Credit Card
    3. PayPal
    as payment methods, all banks i ever saw allow debit cards for people as young as 13, aka minimal discord age. imho there is no need for more payment methods