Make it possible for bots, to check if user has nitro, is in hypesquad, is staff, etc.



  • moonlightcapital
    Would be cool by one sense, abusable in another. Imagine bots immediately banning anyone who isn't in X HypeSquad house instead of Y.
  • broman

    This endpoint already exists. See "flags"

  • Andre_601


    The issue with that is, that it needs you to have a special 2OAuth setup/link in order to even receive the info (See how it mentions "Identify" in the "Required OAuth2 Scope" area, which according to the OAuth2 page is a seperate setting(?)

    My feedback was for making it usable by bots, I updated my description a bit to make it more clear.


    Also @MoonlightCapital

    Isn't that already the case with bots out there? This would (of course) make it worse, but it wouldn't start this "fight", There are 145+ million users out there (And I have no idea if that already counts bots) and the chance that there are bots which "abuse" certaing things is almost always 100%.

  • ThatTonybo

    Already possible. Read the API docs.

  • ||Jojo||
    Oauth2 is "useable" by the bots and ``What on discord's API doesn't give a potential for abuse`` is a really bad argument. There is a reason why it requires an additional scope like for email, list guilds, connections or invitation.
  • lengo
    I believe this is already possible.
  • Andre_601

    Discord added public_flags which is pretty much what I requested, with the exception of specific badges like nitro which is perfectly fine for me.

  • Trash Panda

    They also added premium-type which shows if they have nitro.

  • arrowfn

    Trash Panda

    Yes, but bots currently cannot access user profiles. It is documented, but bots cannot use it. Only proper Discord users can access the profile endpoint.


    The endpoint can only be accessed by using a user token.
    The endpoint can be accessed by using a user or bot token.