New Permission: "Assign Roles"




    Over a year old, is 400+ up votes enough

  • CaptainAustralian

    It sounds like a really epic feature for discord to put in. 

  • mistr88

    Great idea, it is really to hard to make bots, that are easy to control and can do exactly this.

  • Pythros

    A year-old for a simple must-have function for server moderation. 🤷‍♂️

  • Tuff3!

    We really need this!



  • Sabin

    I second this idea. I would add the ability to choose from a list which roles this person can assign, instead of just "all roles below this one".

    Example: My server has 3 clans, call them Red, Green, and Blue. There are Generals and Members. The Generals should have permission to add and remove people from their own clan, but not the other clans. The problem with "all roles below this one" is that not only can a General assign and manage ALL of the Clan Member roles, but whichever General role is listed first can modify the other Generals!

    Everyone on my server agrees that bots are good for add-on functions (playing music, rolling dice), but shouldn't be used to manage the server or build a community around; i.e. if the bot stops working one day, the server/game won't be FUBAR. The only non-bot workaround I can find is having a separate server for each clan. But we all play the game together and we are friends despite being in opposing clans. We have an "All" area where we chat about the game and non-game stuff. So this would necessitate a fourth server. Four servers for one group of friends just to get the permissions right seems a bit... excessive.

    This feature would eliminate all of that nonsense! Please please make it happen.

  • Angelin01

    This is a feature I've wanted ever since I started using Discord. The way Sabin words it is even better. It's been more than 2 years now, what will it take to bring attention to it?

  • Davi 6596

    I agree with you.

  • YggBjorn

    This is a much needed addition to the permissions list!

  • PhantomSolaris



    Oh my god YES, it's ridiculous that to allow people to give/remove roles to a user they also get power to set channel role permissions AND edit/add/delete the roles themselves.  This suggestion should really be approved and would be super helpful.

  • Stewie Griffin

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


  • Webmotion


  • Karthen

    "I would like there to be a new feature added, where you have the option in the Permissions section, to assign Roles a Permission such as "Assign Roles". It can go bellow the already implemented "Manage Roles"."

    That would absolutely make such a difference and I imagine would be relatively simple to add.

    I don't want to give people there ability to mess with my permissions and roles structure, but I do want to allow them to assign roles lower than their role.