New Permission: "Assign Roles"



  • Knagie

    Possibly it is Vasp but they wouldn't be able to use the Discord interface to do so. Not everyone is good with chat commands to setup roles. I prefer to use the interface as it is easy to just quickly skim over it to see any permissions that might be off or on which shouldn't be. 

    It would be a good addition to split those permissions.

  • No Mercy

    I like this idea, I would love for it to be implemented into Discord.

  • kiwiSpecial

    This is a really great idea that I had also thought about. It's always seemed that the "Manage Roles" permission was too broad. Splitting up "Assigning" and "Managing" would be great!


    Over a year old, is 400+ up votes enough

  • Kiwis

    i like that

  • tt2468

    This would be an awesome feature to have natively in the client. +1 for sure.


    OP if you are looking for a way to implement a similar feature to this, you can set up a bot that has manage roles and accepts commands from your moderators. For example, you could script it so that `!addrole @user (Role name/id)` adds the role to a user. That would allow you to log what your mods are doing and also allows them to assign roles without manage roles permission.

  • R C N
    Great idea!! hope they will add it.
  • Virulent

    That is one astonishing idea you got there. Not only will mistakes be reduced, but many complications with trollers will be fixed. If this was added it would help out a lot. 

  • nbamadden0

    Greatest idea I have ever heard, would make it so much easier for moderators on a server!

  • Rika

    Brilliant idea dude.

  • gamer6

    Would definitely need this one.

    Permission to give permission specified roles.

  • ▪ Kevin

    No, currently when you have permission to manage the roles you can only manage the roles below you and I propose that we can define to a role the permission to manage this or that role but not the roles as a following.

  • CaptainAustralian

    It sounds like a really epic feature for discord to put in. 

  • Tuff3!

    We really need this!



  • ▪ Kevin
  • monte cristo sandwhich

    This is a must. In addition to being able to create / edit roles. Giving someone the "Manage Role" permissions allows them unlimited ability to change permissions in a channel even for roles above them, unless the "manage permissions" role in that specific channel is set to X, which you have to do for every channel they have access to.

  • Pythros

    A year-old for a simple must-have function for server moderation. 🤷‍♂️

  • sabinbro

    I second this idea. I would add the ability to choose from a list which roles this person can assign, instead of just "all roles below this one".

    Example: My server has 3 clans, call them Red, Green, and Blue. There are Generals and Members. The Generals should have permission to add and remove people from their own clan, but not the other clans. The problem with "all roles below this one" is that not only can a General assign and manage ALL of the Clan Member roles, but whichever General role is listed first can modify the other Generals!

    Everyone on my server agrees that bots are good for add-on functions (playing music, rolling dice), but shouldn't be used to manage the server or build a community around; i.e. if the bot stops working one day, the server/game won't be FUBAR. The only non-bot workaround I can find is having a separate server for each clan. But we all play the game together and we are friends despite being in opposing clans. We have an "All" area where we chat about the game and non-game stuff. So this would necessitate a fourth server. Four servers for one group of friends just to get the permissions right seems a bit... excessive.

    This feature would eliminate all of that nonsense! Please please make it happen.

  • ShadowOp

    Agree completely with cristo, I had to assign X to 100 channels on my server because of this.

  • EchoFox

    Exactly what I came on here to suggest until I saw this post, c'mon Discord! This should have been an obvious permission to have. And I think better wording for it would be "Assign Roles". Cool to see I'm not the only one wanting something like this.

  • T_Ray_TV

    This is a great idea.  This would allow low level managers (like Moderators) to be more useful without giving them the opportunity to screw everything up, accidentally or otherwise.

  • Seraph

    It's absolutely absurd that this isn't already the case. Not only can they adjust roles beneath them globally, but they can actually go into a particular channel and then give themselves permission that they shouldn't have. Only way around this is to either not assign that permission or to disabled manage permissions in every channel, in which case, what's even the point.

    "Manage Roles" was definitely not thought out well. We need adjust roles.

  • MaDMardigan

    I tried a workaround to get an similar result. so i created a role "promoter" just over the role i wanted them to promote to. unfortunately if i a assign the role to someone with a higher role, the "promoter" role will also allow them to promote to the higher roles. 

    Even the workaround using the role hierarchic system doesnt work because it doesnt allow you to edit roles just to this new role. :(
    So we definitely need some  better role management. I want other people helping me to assign roles to new members but i dont want them to edit and promote to every role!

    vote for this :)

  • Bauer5266

    We definitely need to split the "assign role" and "edit roles" security inside our servers. You cannot trust people won't destroy your discord.

  • mistr88

    Great idea, it is really to hard to make bots, that are easy to control and can do exactly this.

  • Angelin01

    This is a feature I've wanted ever since I started using Discord. The way Sabin words it is even better. It's been more than 2 years now, what will it take to bring attention to it?

  • Karthen

    "I would like there to be a new feature added, where you have the option in the Permissions section, to assign Roles a Permission such as "Assign Roles". It can go bellow the already implemented "Manage Roles"."

    That would absolutely make such a difference and I imagine would be relatively simple to add.

    I don't want to give people there ability to mess with my permissions and roles structure, but I do want to allow them to assign roles lower than their role.

  • Geebus

    I also wish they would add a toggleable permission to only allow them to edit / add and remove people to certain roles. 

  • EchoFox

    Exactly what I came on here to suggest until I saw this post, c'mon Discord! This should have been an obvious permission to have. And I think better wording for it would be "Assign Roles". Cool to see I'm not the only one wanting something like this.

  • Davi 6596

    I agree with you.