Better recognition of real ID: show id# after name in chats



  • thunder33345
    maybe a good idea, IF i can toggle the settings, i rather not have it show and i believe most dont either, but it would be helpful for these who wanted to
  • ckn19341

    I mean: mention the 4 digits you do in the profile, not the long IDnr. Then impersonating is much harder to do: the #1234 is fixed to the account and will be different of the real account when taking same name!

    Seems a small improvement, but with huge value: it has prevented me to loose USD 5K!

  • ckn19341

    Indeed: even better to have it toggleble in settings. I forgot to mention that ;)

  • Dojnaz

    Maybe also detect if there are multiple of the same account name, and warn of possible impersonation

  • Q0

    I'm bouncing this as we have people now who impersonate others on Discord, take screenshots and post that as "Evidence" 


    We need to have a way to prevent impersonators on Discord