Add support for WEBP Animated Images and Emojis



  • cak3

    Completely agree. The GIF format is completely outdated, and spec-wise doesn't belong on the internet nowadays. WebP outclasses it in every way. Considering how Discord uses Opus and supports WebM, supporting WebPーa subproject of WebMーwould only make sense.

  • Commenter

    The only major browsers anymore that don't support WebP in 2019 are Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox for Android. Even with those, Safari started to experiment in 2016 (and as dumb as Apple can be, I doubt they're gonna be left behind), Internet Explorer might as well be deprecated at this point with dwindling use and Edge effectively replacing it, and FF for Android will likely support it soon. And in all honesty, if someone is using IE in 2019, that's their fault for shooting themselves in the foot, and they're likely over the age of 60 not even being aware Discord exists.

    The size benefits are there, and they're huge. This isn't just a benefit to the end-user, this is a benefit to Discord's bandwidth. More available bandwidth means more money. And this would save a lot of bandwidth. Maybe not at first, but eventually the message would spread. "What, there's a way to make GIFs that don't look like a dithered picture of puke and load quickly? Hell yeah, that sounds awesome! Full color and transparency, here I come!" And once that message spreads, more people will use it. But with the way it is, nobody can use it. There is almost no reason to not implement this. Hell, I doubt it would even be a lot of work. Static WebP is already supported and displays fine. All they have to do is throw in the animation.

  • CharlieProut

    With the support of Webp by Firefox with its version 65, all major browsers support the format. In fact, it's even better than the Webm which is already integrated into Discord. So that would make sense.

  • SirZephy

    Agreed. I've been using WebP for all of my screenshots & animated images, the amount of space that is being saved is pretty ridiculous.

    My PNG screenshots had been cut down from 4MB to 250KB (90%-ish Smaller)

    My "Optimised" Avatar GIF's had been cut down from 950KB to 264KB (70%-ish Smaller)

  • glajchs

    Please add support for .webp!  Gifs just aren't scalabe.

  • Tenpi

    I am creating a bot that sends .gif images, but most of them fall above the 8mb limit. Animated webp support would be great.

  • Zantame

    Over the last month I have been running in to every animation image being a .webp and since I cant use them on discord I have been trying to uncompress them to .gifs and they are all becoming fuzzy/static. With the number of sites that are converting to webp its time that discord did the same or be abandoned for another program that does. 

  • Unicode4all

    I have no idea why this ticket has so few upvotes. Full WebP support should be highest priority for Discord team who just probably use an outdated version of Electron which doesn't support animated WebP.

  • Luffy

    You must understand, we must implement more nitro crap instead of fixing existing issues.

  • kolop97

    just here to +1 this. Kinda weird it doesn't just work considering how discord runs on electron, which is chromium... but im no expert.

  • Dr. Sir Strive

    Please add this

  • sorozuke

    This is VERY important to me as I write bots that send GIFs, and I'm often disappointed by the quality I'm limited to

  • s0hvaperuna

    I agree this should be added. It's been years since the feature was removed and I'm sure the support in libraries for animated webp has gotten better

  • pseudo

    WEBP is becoming the leading filetype on the internet. Discord is allowing itself to give users more excuses to switch to other chat clients that will support this filetype.

    Do not allow yourself to fall behind the times, Discord. Remember your roots, lest you be destroyed by them.

  • Conando

    needing to use GIF rather then WEBP in 2021 is really disappointing

  • Gahone

    There is no way to have animated pictures with transparencys in discord. No apng, no webp. Only gifs. And they aren't good when it comes to transparencys.
    Since webp is pushed so hard by Google, supported by every browser, so small in file size. Make it happen goddammnit! It's not that hard.

  • Unicode4all

    So why are you screaming about it on the internet?

    Of course people are upset. Just look at the date of this topic. They can't make their thumbnail maker understand animated WEBP and APNGs for literal years, so I don't really understand the point of your question.

  • pseudo

    We sadly are not able to implement fixes upon request through the support portal. It would be best to head over to our feedback page and upvote existing posts, or create a new entry of your own. We really wish we could do more to help, but we thank you for your understanding.

    Between this and having to sign in twice just so I can upvote something I agree with, Discord is truly coming off as a 🤡 lol

    Upvoting threads is clearly not enough, but it's pretty much up to them at this point. We have the technology, they our nitro bucks. Yet nothing gets done. Absolute shame.

  • madagascar

    This has to happen.

  • BSoD

    I agree this should be added sometime soon. This can enable nicer-looking animated emojis and avatars. Furling .webp image links is a plus too.

  • ジェンリック

    Gifs are sooooooo outdated. I recently tried to use .webp because is the preview format in YouTube so I thought Discord will support it. But it doesn't support animated ones! Please, make it possible!

  • pseudo

    So why are you screaming about it on the internet?

    I mean, you probably have a point. I doubt complaining about it here will ever change their mind. This forum is here just to placate us until we forget about the issue. At least other people will know they're not the only one looking for this feature though.

  • AonoZan

    +1 For adding support of animated WebP file-format.

  • Unicode4all

    Tinfoil cap theory: animated WEBP uses a modern codec that compresses videos much better than gif (consider gif not compressed at all). For example, if you've got a gif video in like 30 megabytes, the same video could be encoded in webp with quality close to the source video (with full true color too) and.... under 8 mb, so you don't have to purchase Nitro just to upload your "gif" at all C:

  • Zipdox

    The cause of the problem is that returns a 415 Unsupported Media Type HTTP error. on the other does return the WebP. The issue is internal in Discord's servers.

    If this comment is correct then I suspect it's caused by Discord's image resizer not being able to cope with animated WebP.

  • neuroxin

    Hi yes I also want to say this is something that needs to happen for all the technical reasons previously mentioned, but also because it has now been a year since it was first suggested and other platforms have adopted it as a new standard much faster than this one did.  As a user who is constantly sharing content across platforms, it makes it awkward when it attempting to share that same content on Discord.  I am forced to convert it to gif to make it compatible which sometimes gets complicated when trying to meet the size constraints which are also a limitation of your platform.  

  • Akasen

    I found this ticket and this answer in a Reddit thread:

    "A library we use only supports static webp images, not animated ones. There was a bug that caused animated webp images to bypass our server's animated image checks, which we recently fixed. Our client is not able to pause animated webps, and even though we recently added GIF autoplay it would still affect the option to turn that off.

    We may in the future support animated webps if the library we use adds support for it, but we think GIFV ("gifs" as video files) might actually be a better solution to animated images."


    While I think on some level it's valid to have an issue that the library one is using doesn't allow for certain things and as such support has to be axed in some way, could a solution not have been at least figured out by an alternative means, even if from scratch?

    But then, fact that this reddit post is two years old either means no one has ever raised the concern, the very library they use never had anyone attempt to implement a fix for this concern, or some other deal.

    But I'm also certain the library in question is WebPack, which I don't know too much about. But I'd assume anyone else with the will and knowledge could dig into this or whatever other library Discord has and both say "It's possible" along with "Here's how you'd do it"


    +1 Please add support
    i am tired to to check if a link is webp or gif to see if works on discord

  • superdh

    Is this being worked on?

  • U3L

    Wow! 2 years here and more on reddit? Please add animated .webp support.