Export Entire Chats



  • Murray

    I’m still very interested in having an option to export channel history.

  • Your Majesty

    I'll chime in.

    I have had a couple really fun long-running roleplays that I would love to be able to download and edit into a story.

  • lilliemagic

    Why is this not taken care of by now? Is ridiculous? Come ON!

  • Sebas

    Still waiting for this feature...

  • Grimm

    I'd like to be able to use this so I can properly log certain conversations for multiple reasons—nostalgia, gathering evidence, reminders, etc. The Request Data only allows for YOUR side of the conversation to be logged, but it would be helpful if you could do something similar to Request Data but with logs from everyone involved in your DMs, especially for group DMs which is impossible to otherwise retrieve once you leave. I understand if servers may not be available due to the enormous file you'll have to compile, especially regarding conversations you weren't involved in, though, including server history may be appreciated for many users for a multitude of reasons. A PDF file showing the log as it appears normally (e.g.: with the font, images, timestamp, Discord background colors, etc.) would be even more appreciated than a simple text file, though both would be sufficient. This is one of the many things that should be added and would be appreciated by many members of this wonderful app. Please add it eventually!

    UPDATE: Perhaps, concerning downloading data from servers, there could be an option to timestamp the data you want to archive—e.g.: From September 2, 2020 - November 23, 2020. This can also be accessed separately from DM exportation so this option can be available. It might help with being able to select only a portion of server logs and reduce the problem regarding enormous file sizes and exporting data you do not wish to export from servers.

  • angelar

    They need to just have client-side logging which precludes this problem. Should be files on your computer, not mystery data off in who knows what data cloud on Discord's end.


    Seeing a hell of a lot of responses from people with no inkling that this was the norm before. Even Skype recorded logs in files.

  • ClearStreamOz

    I would like to use a private server for scientific research about online interactions with proper ethics approval and precautions to protect privacy.  The availability of export could at least be an option in the server settings with notice to users when they join.  But really..... if you post stuff, surely you expect it to be looked at.

  • kevinpanpan

    I hope this function comes out soon. The reason is I would like to export the conversation in a study group as one of my academic portfolios.

  • Guillaume Bepo

    please discord go ahead :(

  • Faux Real

    I use Discord for all of the remote D&D games I've been running since the Pandemic began. We would love to be able to easily export all of the memories we've generated during that time into more easily edited word documents . . . Any updates on the feasibility of this?

  • EpicLPer

    Yes, this! My account was recently disabled, and after 3 weeks of long battling with the Support finally got it back again. I'd love to export DMs now to have them somewhere safe, however using 3rd Party tools for such is against ToS. An official Export function would save so much trouble there.


  • Amp

    Come ON!
    Even Skype has it!

  • metroidsnes

    +1 for the chat export feature (DMs and entire servers)

  • palidine40

    ftlog, please, add this feature, we all want it

  • PadreMatt

    This would be incredibly useful to save progress on projects.

  • CanePlayz

    It's about time now…