Ability to listen along to Spotify on mobile.



  • matt.

    This is already a thing, you just have to go to "User Settings", "Connections" and then connect your Spotify account to your Discord account.

  • Noah
    Would love to see this!
  • Sosig
    Victor.T's Sugar Daddy They are rereferring to the active listening status like on desktop, not the account connection.
  • Hole
    This is already a feature. Make sure you have spotify premium connected to your account and fully updated to the latest version.
  • 🖤yusaki🖤

    Please vote for this suggested!


    Spotify overlay like in the computer but on the phone!

  • 00_JF

    this is already a thing, when youre connected... theres a thing on the bottom that says "please turn on the blahblahblah to turn on the feature". although they just work on android. maybe spotify will make the blahblahblah feature on the settings page in ios so discord will answer this feeback.

  • ArhynaH

    It's been a long time since this has been posted, why haven't discord talked about it? Is it impossible? It's a good feature.

  • Rave

    Doesn't work on iOS. Really annoying!

  • josb121

    Having the option of Being able to listen along to spotify on mobile would be really nice. Usually I have to click the option on my desktop then switch it over to my phone. Having the option to listen along on mobile would be easier