Redirect Channel Invite Links




    My server is flawless and I had to switch my channels and now I feel like my server will never be complete and I don’t want to clone and delete the actual channel cause then that invite link will forever be gone.. my invite link is going on 8k uses.. It’s really torn me apart. I have spent months of time perfecting my server. I really hope this is possible cause the channel I had to switch it with was my pokemon channel and I wasn’t able to prune over 6 months of pokemon messages so now my rules bot is under a bunch of pokemon stuff. Even if I remove the option to read message history it doesn’t work cause then members who don’t react to the rules to gain access won’t be able to see the rules again if they close discord.. 😞


    KindHuncho is right as soon as user finds the channel is inaccessible they immediately leave...We should be able to redirect the invite links...

  • Sash0l

    You can do that with bots, for example, reaction bot. So, invite them to the rules channel and give permission to see only that channel and use reaction bot to confirm that they've read the rules and give them role to see the rest of the server



    Bro are you kidding me I have that done you have no idea what I’m talking about. Please stop.

  • Dirkus

    Same problem here. The existing invite link that exists in hundreds of YT videos puts users in general chat, instead of the rules page where we want them. Can't really go back and edit all the YT descriptions, would be nice if the existing link could be updated to point to a different channel.

  • almostsuspense
    It could be useful when someone created an invite for another channel then the rules one
  • Lewis
    It would be a very good feature, I suggest making the location editable, with the role perm 'Create an invite' or change it to 'Manage invites'
  • J͜͡az̑̈ʀŏ̈ʏ

    I need this to happen 0-o

  • Ibex

    This should be a top priority for Discord... There's a reason they have a 43% bouncerate — discord is confusing for new people, and its stuff like this that makes it even more confusing. People new to discord come in from an outside link, get confused, and leave.

    Being able to edit the arrival channel for a link would go a long way to improving Discord's abysmal bounce rate.

  • Blazin

    Completely agree with this, I have the exact same issue. I just wish there was a way to make all links to a certain channel.

  • Yufel

    Would love this feature to be implemented.