custom keyboard shortcuts/keybinds



  • heck

    And they need to be custom! They just added a non-rebindable "previous discord" on mouse3, which means every time I attempt to speak I jump to a different server seemingly at random.


    Custom key binds would make discord a lot more accessible for non-mouse users

    At the moment there are a few which can be found using ctrl+/

    ctrl+k is useful for switching channels

    however after scrolling through chat with page-up/page-down you cannot physically load old messages without using the mouse

    it would also be nice if an atom like ctrl+p global search feature was added allowing you to carry out any action in discord from a single search box

    As mentioned before it would be good if all keybinds were re-mappable

    It's also annoying how you can't open settings without using the mouse


    Please add custom keybinds, they would make discord a lot more usable. Not having them has driven me to the point of wanting to use something like better discord, or just repacking discord myself so that I can change them.

  • Faunfire

    I agree. I have a keyboard with extra custom keys for keybinds/hotkeys, G1-G6. I'd REALLY appreciate if I could finally use these keys for something.

  • CivilLivers

    It's also annoying how you can't open settings without using the mouse



  • lijenjin

    Is this on the roadmap or not? Some feedback as to whether this is even being considered would be great.

    I find it extremely annoying that I cannot customize the shortcuts or at least disable some of them... I'm especially bugged by "opt + <-" and "opt + ->" ones which makes text editing a pain. This is used for skipping words when navigating text with your keyboard everywhere else except in discord, where it's used for navigating page history 🙄

  • Lexroy K.

    Why you can't just simply add new bind 
    Move to voice channel #name 
    Move to previous voice channel?