Feedback in the Downloadable App



  • SarahK

    Yes! I've been using Discord for two years, and I only found out about this place last night, because I finally found a patch request I wanted to make. I looked around in the (Windows desktop) app, and all I found was the support ticket option.

    And then Clyde sent me an email with a link to this place as "Just a quick reminder". The gall! No one ever told me about this!

  • DriftRacer14

    I came here to suggest exactly this.
    While loading up a browser window to go to or may seem trivial, even nanoseconds can feel like an eternity for a gamer. This includes "dirty peasant casual scrubs" like myself.
    It'd be nice to AT LEAST have a button that takes us to this website, but an actual in-app feedback submission system would be the superior option. I'm sure many would agree.
    Even Windows 10 has ways to submit feedback without loading up a webpage >.>