Website embed for chating



  • Stuttero
    Uhh, unless this required sign-in, it would quickly become a way for people to spam servers. If it did require sign-in, it would be useless as people could simply use the web app.
  • - Nicodemus -

    Without sign-in : what difference with the api or the web app for a server with a link for everyone on the website ?

    With sign-in : it just could be more convenient for navigation with this website.

  • - Nicodemus -

    Totally agree. I've already suggested it in another comment, and weirdly, I get "-5" so far.....

    It's a real lack. And I don't understand why it wasn't integrated from the beginning.

  • Niasa*

    PLEASE can you consider this? It would be better then the voice-only widget. It would be like a mini version of the full discord on the bottom of my web site's page. If we could do this, I would have ditched our old chat-box MONTHS ago and put discord in immediately. We want to switch our entire community's chat functions to discord, but without this important feature, we cannot. PLEASE, please consider. It would mean a lot to us!

  • Pariah

    Been wanting to embed a discord voice server into my website for years.  Silly not to allow it.

  • jayendharcherrytin

    Is this feature available now? If so, could you please share the documentation link.

  • hashirshabbir

    Yes, embedding the Discord app into a website as a real chat module, similar to CometChat, is feasible. It would enable users to interact within the website seamlessly, accessing multiple channels, provided they log in to their Discord accounts. This integration would facilitate communication among users as they currently do with the desktop app, enhancing engagement within online communities.