Invisible DnD status



  • if theres already a way to do it plz tell me



  • if theres already a way to do it plz tell me



  • Brixster

    Was going to post this, but beaten to. Please add this discord!

  • Young Shan (Never Give Up)

    I agree

  • Admiral Bahroo

    I agree as well

  • catlord


  • Shealth

    Wait, you already can disable notifications, why would it matter if invisible? I stay invisible all the time to not give away my online times and would still like notifications.

    I would like to be able to control which servers I appear disabled on. I'd love to be able to be invisible everywhere except for my clans channel where I'd like my actual online presence to show.

  • extraneousTriptych

    It might be an idea to have Do Not Disturb as a separate instance from the online status? So you could mute the notifs with Do Not Disturb, yet still have Online/Idle/Invisible status. Or just an extra status that has you both appear invisible and use Do Not Disturb's notification mute. Sort of a deep undercover status.

    Either way, it would be useful to have something of the sort, for myriad reasons - from having a class/work discord server that you can be active in without having to deal with (people from) other servers, to avoiding someone who's harassing/distracting you without wanting to block them, to simply feeling antisocial.

  • TheLegend27

    I wish Discord could actually have some common sense and just make this a feature already.

    I've seen dozens of posts about this specific issue all getting upvotes, and I know if it doesn't get enough upvotes over time, they get rid of it. How is that fair when most discord users don't even know or care to go to a completely separate site, sign in, and then click a button? 

    It's been too long to not have a separate DnD or Mute Notifications thing. I want to not let people know I'm online AND not get notifications.

  • nepcwч

    its for when you want to be offline, in a voice call undisturbed, and otherwise want channel pings. like if youre screensharing or whatever and 10 servers be goin off its universal rather than going in and turning off every one manually. like its 1am im getting nookazon dms id rather them think im asleep than ignoring them bc im in a voice call and its a bit too late for me to mentally handle personally. just,,,,,,,,, why not have the colors mean almost nothing and the setting is within the application rather than in the status? why not let us have a do not disturb whitelist? 

  • Hope

    Is this still not a thing?  How is this still not a thing?  I don't understand.  This is a thing I've been hoping for since I got discord.  Like what's the point of "invisible" if I'm still getting blown up by dozens of different servers?  I want to appear offline when I'm going away for a while or sleeping and during these times I don't need my computer/phone alerting me to what's going on.  I don't want to have to actually log out to get this functionality and I don't want people to think I'm actually online and just in DND mode which is currently the only way to have a status that temporarily disables notifications.

  • yhsoJ

    The best option if you want to do that if to just turn off all notifications in your biggest servers

  • Tigd

    Dear Discord team,

    please consider this option.

    Thank you.

  • dvdjssvdjsj

    invisible + streamer mode, simple