Reactions should count towards the recent emoji list



  • Alexis
    yeah, you're right
  • SarahK


    I frequently use it to mean "THIS! This! Right here! So much this!"

    And I so very very rarely ever use it to point to my name.

  • SarahK

    Actually, another possibility would be to have two different lists: one for reactions, and one for regular posts. Just as a possible alternative.

  • Hammer

    For god's sake please implement this! It is driving me crazy having to scroll past screens and screens of custom server emojis multiple times daily just to put a thumbs-up as a reaction.

  • JohnnySabu

    There is a way to change them if you can tinker with the json values on the desktop app. I was looking for the solution to the same problem and found it elsewhere.

    Discord is chrome-powered. Hit control/cmd + shift + i to open up the chrome debugger tools. Hit Application tab. At the left side, find the Storage column, open up Local Storage, and click on the discord url.
    These are all the stuff that Discord saves (including your password token - do not share pls thx). There is a key named "EmojiStore" if you clear the stuff to the right and reload discord with ctrl/cmd+r, it will be cleared. Otherwise, you can edit the value and replace the "poop" or "grin" with "thumbsup" and afterwards hit CTRL+R to reloard discord and it should be fixed.

  • Ian Joyner

    I hadn’t realised this was the issue, but yes it’s really annoying that recently used reactions aren’t remembered

  • NeusFear

    I'm so surprised something like this has not yet been implemented and that there aren't more people voting for this suggestion.

    I don't think having the same list of recent emojis is the best option, it would be better to have a list of recent reactions and a list of recent emojis used in text, BUT anything would be more convenient than having to search up your desired reaction every time.

    I always react to new server members with a wave emoji reaction, have been for months but they're still not in my recent emojis list. Pls fix