Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)



  • Jabber

    I'd like a profile section I can leave messages in incase I go Dark I can leave a message of when I'll be coming back. Or can add links to stuff I want to share.

    What's wrong with discord becoming more of a social program with more than just chat? I hate Facebook, and most of my coworkers use discord anyways

  • skitzad

    One other thing that maybe would be cool is if each profile had it's own comment section as well. Just like on steam.

  • Shotdown

    I wouldn't want it in messages. Just on profiles to show how cool you are!

  • Preston

    User page like facebook. but if discord have that option, Discord would be a winner!.

    got bored of facebook. but im using discord nowaday

  • Duwang

    please I rlly want this

  • Jon.

    Was about to make a similar suggestion. My main want out of what was listed is the "About Me" section but I want it to have some restrictions like limited characters and no links allowed.

    If it is possible for the support people that work for Discord, then maybe the devs can have the "About Me" section go through a manual approval period. That way they can make sure no one is putting stuff in this section that is illegal or against the ToS.

    +1 for this list though.

  • Sean Robertson

    To people saying "not needed", maybe not for your community, but it's ridiculous to assert there isn't a legitimate need for such a thing. I'm a member of a 3D graphics Discord where members use a variety of different programs (Blender, Lightwave 3DS Max, Houdini, etc.). Knowing what program someone uses is going to change suggestions we might make in reply to works in progress, or answers to help questions. We absolutely need such a feature. A lot of time is wasted right now just asking what someone's using (or posting ideas related to some specific programs when it's another).

    This is not a difficult feature request unless Discord is truly that poorly architected, in which case they need to rethink it anyway. There's no reason this request should be languishing for years.

  • 24680FPIC

    [@Thunder33345] I'm not too sure about the "active time" idea, as this could just be replaced with the statuses that everyone's grown to love next to people's profile pics. Scheduling may be difficult, as lives are complicated and don't necessarily follow a specific order each day or even each week. Sounds like extra clutter to me, sorry.

    [@Kerrchak] What about where times posted by a user have a special marker or highlight on them that, when hovered over, displayed the time converted from their time zone (if applicable) to your time zone. And instead of doing <21:30 displaylocaltime>, how about just simply <21:30>. Therefore, you could see what time they were at and what time you will be at that time in their time zone. Maybe an automatic formatter if they type in the time without greater than or less than signs? Not everyone knows about formatting, so that might help. If no AM/PM marker is presented, it shouldn't substitute one in as that could cause confusion. Context clues or just asking questions should be enough.

    I've made some concept visuals to show you what I'm thinking. Think of the person viewing as someone in PST and me as a person in EST.

    All of this should be toggleable as a setting in Appearances, of course.

  • Tiny Jasmini

    I made a example code to help the idea :3

  • saintgideon

    Definately. I like to tell people when I'm offline studying so they don't worry when I'm not responding to them, but it can be really hard to do in large groups.

  • SunnyFlare

    I was saying the same thing yesterday. This would definitely come in handy, I think.

  • bobmarley

    i would also love this feature!

  • EC

    no mod response?

  • Venragarde

    Was about to make a post about this myself, but this covers it.

  • Frosty
    Incredible idea!
  • Gwaals

    Good idea!

  • jackalope

    hoping to ditch twitter once I move in with my partner and this would add so much to being able to socialize more and meet people in servers

  • Thunder33345
    though it should be optional, and have visibility settings, for member of servers, friends or no one or just allowing a few individuals not the whole friend group
  • JD

    Pretty useful idea for developer servers too! A bit like Slack's timezone functionality, which also warns how many people in different timezones will be notified when tagged for example.

  • crazycatladyvicky

    I would love that idea to have profiles! It makes so much sense in communities!

  • Adriana

    Great idea, lots of likes, yet discord hasn't implemented them yet. I feel like they aren't really reading some of these requests. There's an outcry for a mass DM deletion tool and one still hasn't been brought in.

  • Muirrum

    This would make a lot of things a hell of a lot easier. @Discord please add

  • OnlySadTom

    this would be so helpful 

  • Hexandcube

    This feature must be added

  • Nyaauraa

    I've been following this idea for some time now, I really hope it does get added!

  • SkyLight Gaming

    (Also the bios are public to everyone, unlike notes)

  • flame

    I really like the idea of discord becoming more then just a platform to game or chat on, becoming a social place just for yourself. taking these steps would really really inch towards that

  • arkotix


  • Mees

    We really need this. Just some space to write something about yourself (or something else you want to put on your profile).

  • victor

    Still want an about me page (skype had it)