Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)



  • chloroform chloe

    This has been said a thousand times smh.

  • filo

    just have 1 info box on the profile that is like a signature on a forum, and allow it to contain something like bbcode to allow embeding imgs and videos, colors, etc.


  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    dupes aren't allowed, thanks

  • Admiral Bahroo

    I agree this would be a excellent feature for discord

  • PolarWolfDragon {Team Grookey!}

    And server join dates!

  • Rozaire

    Was about to make a post about this myself, but this covers it.

  • Frosty
    Incredible idea!
  • Gwaals

    Good idea!

  • Is it weird that I hate goodbyes

    I legit woke up one day and thought this to myself

  • Ki

    Someone already beat me to calling your idea "incredible" so I'll go with "wondrously glorious!"

    - Custom profile header (maybe as a nitro-only feature)

    I believe this should be a Nitro-only feature, it gives more benefits to Nitro users this way and also allows for extensive customisation.

    - Profile badge for Discord Canary Users (Maybe even for PTB Users)

    Nice little incentive for people to test, so why not?

    - Badges for languages the user speaks. They can select them in the settings.

    This is a really nice idea, but I believe there could be issues with the factor that someone could speak 20 languages. Maybe have it show 3 maximum with a hover drop-down list with the other languages that person speaks?

    - Profile description. Users can select if it will be visible only to friends or to everyone.


    - A more compact design for social media links, removed checkmarks & more social media links like Nintendo, Origin, Uplay, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Soundcloud etc.

    With this, allowing the user to select the order they want the platforms to display (music, video, etc.) would be really neat too.

    My recommendations for other social networks / game platforms would be the following:

    • Nintendo
    • Origin
    • Playstation
    • EPIC Launcher
    • uPlay
    • Mixer
    • GameCenter by / GameCenter by
    • Soundcloud
    • Tumblr
    • "Custom" which allows someone to put a link to another page. (Should allow 3 custom links)

    Additionally, allowing their to be "Shortened" buttons which are just the icons for the platforms would be very nice too. (Really tacky example here:

  • Ki

    For example, would you say something like a custom-profile description? IF so, that has been requested here:


  • jackalope

    hoping to ditch twitter once I move in with my partner and this would add so much to being able to socialize more and meet people in servers

  • Jakob

    Had the same idea this morning when i woke up. Some other cool features that can be considered with the description:

    Only friends or people in the same server as you can see the description and blocked people in the same server/s can't see your description.

    Would be awesome cause you can add links to accounts or profiles that discord "connections" don't support and you can also tell a bit about yourself and for example if you have a sickness/diagnos you can tell people in the description since everyone might not have it very easy to tell them in voice chat.

  • Avery

    I made another post, but it got "merged," so I'll just post it here since it will be deleted:

    As someone who's spent a large amount of time, effort, and even money on making my steam profile look pretty and spent way more money than I am proud of on cosmetics in games, having highly customizable user profiles is something that is important to me. I like being able to have people look at my profile and get a general glimpse of who I am (or who I would like to be,) what games I play, what communities I am in, and if I am someone they might be interested in talking/gaming with. Having a personal one page website where I can link people to see all about me is something I really enjoy.

         I really feel like discord is lacking in terms of profile customization.. Yeah, you can make the argument that changing your profile picture is enough, although I disagree, especially since discord is trying to become a digital distribution platform. The reason that people love steam so much compared to discord/epic games is because it has so many added features, many of which are in the customization department.

         Please upvote this post, as I really hope we as a community can show that this is something we care about and maybe even get it into the app. I think that this really could help discord with their mission to become a viable digital distribution platform.

    -Avie <3

  • Angst


  • Torbjörn

    Uhhh? This is already a thing?!

  • Nico

    Yes, this already exists. Haha.


    Chaton, to do this, you must press on the person's name either through chat, friends list, member list, or profile window, and there is a notes option under their information, it is also confidential so you're safe to write what you want on there. :)

  • itskiwi_

    Let us write a bio on our profiles, and add more stuff to it.  1+

  • Celestial

    Discord is not Facebook, stop trying to make it like that.

  • filo

    discord was meant to be a chat program, but now has its own store for games, etc. why not add some more profile features?

  • It would be great if devs will add profile info, account creation, previous nicknames, guilds joined, etc. This would be usefull.
  • thunder33345
    though it should be optional, and have visibility settings, for member of servers, friends or no one or just allowing a few individuals not the whole friend group
  • DarkdragonKev

    That would be really helpful!! It is indeed annoying with some of my distant friends and their times zones. Keep having to ask them.

  • Solo

    While yes I think this is a great idea, would probably need to be an option in settings. I'm sure not everyone wants to be forced to share their timezone.

  • vx

    Good idea. Like Solo said, this would need be a toggle in settings.

  • VampireBlood

    I just thought about it and was like THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME IDEA.... searched the feedback site and found it already is being posted so yes please Discord-Team that would be rly great if u could add this feature

  • Spud

    All this would do is clutter up the profile page with, in my opinion, irrelevent and usless information.

  • JawsHC

    but thats automatic
    the only thing that people actually make is the bio, which most people leave blank anyways

  • Frosty
  • johantux

    Well, add another +1 to this.  I've got a podcast such that I'm in Missouri, one person is in Berlin, and one is in California and I just sent this message on our server: 

    "...we'll finalize the time . We've been recording at 6AM Pacific, but hopefully he'll be okay with delaying that two hours to 5PM Berlin, 10AM Missouri, 8AM California time.
    I wish there was a code you could put in Discord such that you did something like @autotime:8:00AM and it would convert the time to all readers' local time"