Option to Disable Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message on Mobile



  • Auto

    Has this been answered? I would also like to stop Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message in Android. (I.e. I want to keep reading where I left off previously and manually scroll down to the newest message). 

  • Evening Newbs

    It also jumps to the bottom if you switch to another app and come back, your screen turns off, or if you scroll down far enough to trigger the next page of messages to load. It's extremely frustrating to read conversation history.

  • FastenM

    Not in the android app

  • SasukeVita

    Yes its very annoying for android app

  • Cyrain

    Still very annoying. I hope there's an update for this.

  • GeneticBlueprint

    This needs to be done. Impossible to find where you last read if you're in a big server.

  • Gendal

    It’s crazy annoying. If you even lock your phone you lose your place on iOS.

  • chrisvroberts

    Still not an option 2 years on...

  • PitViper

    Yeah this is crazy stupid behavior. Why can't we scroll up and stay there? Instead we are constantly pushed back to the bottom.

  • Flint

    I can't read my backlog at all. You need to read hundreds of messages in one go or scroll back every time you lock the screen

  • TechnoCapitalEatery

    Please fix this it makes discord unusable on mobile I will uninstall until fixed

  • yoshi253

    And still not a fix. App is unusable in active channels.

  • jpzzl

    We would like to have an option not to scroll down to the latest message when loading a chat. It takes a second to load in which I am where I last left off, but when trying to catch up I suddenly get yanked away to see the newest messages. I would like to be able to stay where I am and press the "scroll to bottom" button when I'm ready.

  • 𝐕𝐨𝐫⸸𝐞𝐱𓅨

    This bug has existed for over 5 years. This is an extremely embarrassing error to have dragged out this long. Get your shit together Discord.

  • Oneiros

    Same here. It automatically scrolls down to the last entry when I open a channel, when I switch between apps and come back to discord and when I scroll down and it hits a specific point in the page. It is annoying, because I always need to find the point where I have stopped reading.

  • jeef

    +1 please fix!! One of my most frustrating user experiences across all my apps.

  • Demon98


    its time to make it.
    and search and scroll to the date X in a chat.
    unreally BIGEST thanx for that!

    Make fix, not war!


  • metalbry

    Please fix this! Most annoying issue on any app I use on a regular basis.

  • Faded_DaddyO

    Also, when you reply to a message you are sent to the bottom, totally losing your place. Frustrating! I’m in ios

  • cryptic moose

    Yes, for the love of god, please do something about this!

  • SacredGeometryPan

    Discord is a joke when it comes to replying to us!

  • Kidwheel

    Still not fixed and no comments from tech support. Nice one, discord

  • Mike

    This is making the app unusable for me. I'm also on Android.

  • ArchonErikr

    This is an incredibly frustrating basic feature not to have! Discord constantly forces me back to the newest message when I'm trying to catch up on old messages. It happens whenever I lock the screen, switch to another app for a moment, or even sometimes just when someone posts a new message. It's incredibly frustrating, and makes catching up on the more active channels a near-impossible task. Please give us a way to turn this off! There's already a "jump to new" button, so why force us there when we don't want to be there?

  • Frankie

    Is anybody listening??? Fix this auto-scroll issue or provide a feature to disable it. You are SERIOUSLY irking your users.  Not hard to do, if you really cared what your users think about your app.  High volume channels are practically impossible to read the history.  Looking back in this forum, this request has been our there for a looooong time. So, what's up? You too busy adding features nobody uses or cares about.

  • Haku510

    This post is the top hit when Googling about how to turn it off. Disappointing to see it's been a problem for years with no response from Discord.

  • knockymetal

    Devs: any possibility for a "More messages below." bubble to appear at the bottom of the chat when we scroll up? So we only get incoming new messages after we tap the bubble. Kinda like how Twitch does it for their chat feature.

  • ZigZug


  • pencilneckgeek

    This behavior is incredibly frustrating; PLEASE fix any way you please.

  • Suu