• Neztore
    Discord's API is based around two core layers, a HTTPS/REST API for general operations,...

    - Discord's API Documentation


    I'm sorry but it doesn't make technical sense to add an additional API purely because you don't like REST. It'd be difficult to maintain and make stuff a lot more difficult on their end. Just use the brilliant API that is already available :)



  • Killy


  • Killy

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  • yaboired

    It's so much more work to maintain two APIs than it is to maintain just one, and it'd only go to waste. I seriously doubt there'd be a significant enough amount of users to justify maintaining an entire second API; the popular libraries that already exist would have to be entirely rewritten to use it.

  • Killy

    Finally a valid concern. Thanks. I'm leaving this, albeit downvoted, request so there is a place to gather all thoughts on the matter.

    I don't think having GraphQL alongside with REST has much of overhead. I think it will be easily justified once the Discord developers find a use of it's flexibility for themselves. Although I haven't had an experience of supporting it by myself - dunno if my expectation of it is too optimistic or not.

    I believe it won't take long for actively supported bot libraries to expose new API endpoints if there are quality GraphQL libraries available for the language they are written in.

  • DusterTheFirst

    Another benifit of using graphql is that it is, by design, self documenting. The documentation of the api will be a lot easier to keep up to date with the current api versus the very manual documentation of today (which tends to end up very out of date or confusing). In general GraphQL would be a better alternitive since you only need to ask for what you want. It will solve many an issue with hundreds upon hundreds of guilds with all their information getting fed to a bot that only cares about one specific piece of information,

  • harbar20

    I would love a GraphQL API but, like others have said, it might require extra work for the API devs. However, I may have found a possible solution:

    I'm sure it could be implemented.

  • Eskpil

    I agree here, graphql makes developing cool applications around discord a lot easier. I currently have some bots where i am fetching tons more data than i will ever need. I don't see any problem in a community built graphql wrapper around the api. If you guys are interested i see no problem in doing it myself.