Role messages



  • Zacatero
    That is very interesting. So assigning the "owner" of a message to be a role instead of a user.. It would be interesting if that could happen
  • Nathan Harper

    It wouldn't change the current messaging system so no, you couldn't edit anyone's messages, just messages sent by a role you own

  • Nathan Harper

    Ok, I should rephrase lol.

    You would normally send messages by your username except you have the option to send it as your entire role instead of just you. For instance, it might be that if you start the message with /rm or something, it turns it into a role message rather than a personal message. Only roles with permission to send role messages would be able to do so of course.

  • Doggo

    Create separate chats for them?

  • CMDR B.A.R

    I love this idea. I was looking for the same option. I was not looking as far as Nathan does, in attaching specific privileges to a role, but it would be awesome to post a message as your role, rather than your name. I am the admin of a server and might want to appoint moderators. I would love to be able to post the welcome massage as "Admin says: (date) -> message". Instead of having the welcome message connected me personally. Same goes for the moderators. If they have to intervene, it might be nice to sent a warning as "Mod says: (date) -> message". People can reply as @Mod, instead of the name the user uses in his every day usage of Discord. I think this would be a very welcome feature!

  • ZeeCee

    This is a great idea. I came here to suggest the same.

    I can send a message to @everyone, but @admin isn't an option? seems like a small oversight.

  • Doggo

    @everyone is just built in everywhere, you can turn the @admin on by just making the role mention able in the role options

  • Stevoisiak

    Related: Feature Request: Server (Moderator) Messages

  • HelpedLattice50

    Please add this

  • K.T.

    Please, this would be so useful. We have a Channel Guide in our server that needs frequent updating and it would be so helpful if it was able to be edited by everyone with the Mod Role and not just the Mod that posted it. For now, we're stuck with either waiting for that mod to be able to change it or we have to go through a weird copy and paste and edit system which gets really screwy. 


  • negril

    why not use the    \@<rolename>    notation    to find out   the  ### of the role . then  use 

    <@&831399042588082177>  for example  where   <@&831399042588082177> is the id of the role
  • MSLage

    I'm clearly a bit late to the party! However, this is entirely possible through bots/webhooks. Create one with the name of the role you desire and have it run a basic command to send a message as the role name.

    On my server I have a bot that will send a message as my "Helper" and all I have to do to activate it is run the command /helper in the channel I want it to message followed by the message I want it to send