Edit permission



  • Fearzy

    would love to see this be implimented


  • pie.

    I mean, use a bot..? For example, Dyno bot. There is a uh setting that lets you see who edited a message and or deleted a message. It shows the complete message that they deleted. If they edited-- it will show the message from before and after they edited it. I'm not saying that this particular suggestion is bad, but yea. 

  • purpzie
    As someone who knows what it's like to get raided, being able to properly report messages via the right-click report button is super important. Trolls will often delete their messages before this can get done, but this feature would definitely solve that
  • Tunyo-Tex

    No, this shouldn't be added. I mean sometimes someone may put something that reveal privacy or anything like that either by mistake or change mind and needs to remove it from the server, if users aren't allowed to delete their own messages then this will spoil discord. If you want this is your server get a bot, I mean there are loads of bots that have logs (An option that let's you record when someone deletes or edits a message and tell your what it was in a log channel) If discord allow this alot of people'll hate it, why ask to add the feature when you can use a bot anyway? Bots are like add-ons to the server with more features to make the server easier or more fun or something. Some servers have good people who don't raid so adding this to all discord will make some of those people hate discord.

  • username
    Should be edit/delete in my opinion
  • Maxwell175 (1)

    I agree that there may be potential drawbacks to not allowing to delete messages, but there is absolutely no reason to not have an option to block editing messages after, say, 5 or 10 minutes.

    There are people who post garbage but then go back after it settles in and edit it into a "normal" message.

  • Nic

    I agree. This should absolutely be added. Under roles. That way an admin can still delete if necessary. A timed delay for editing/deleting would be ideal.

  • InfiniteGalaxiiBoy

    I have multiple servers, where users constantly delete their messages. Plus since I have Moderators who need to moderate with warnings etc, users tend to delete their messages to hide evidence. So, definitely agreed. It'd be good to get this put into action.

  • Albedoequals1

    Yes, I also have a problem with people saying things deliberately inflammatory and then deleting their posts so it looks like everyone who argued with them is the problem.  If the server admin could take away editing rights, it would force people to consider if they actually wanted to go on record with their post.

  • /home/lesnake

    Discord realy Edit/delete permision!

  • WhiteWolf

    If we can't have the option to disable deleting/editing your own messages, what about the ability for a role to see "Deleted Message.  Show Message", akin to the Blocked User interface we have currently?  And "edited" becoming a link, showing all changes to the message?
    Because right now I'm trying to deal with some drama that occurred while none of the Mods nor myself were around, and talking to the people involved, one of them is accusing the other of being rude, while they themselves deleted their own messages (admitted to it).  But in the conversation remaining, I don't see any rudeness.

    And adding another bot to my server COULD solve this, but why isn't it built into the system?

  • sadeq

    also i know that there is a post just same what i said
    but it was for 8 months ago so i thought youve forgot it

  • scrappydoo

    should 4 permissions:

    edit own post

    delete own post

    edit others posts

    delete others posts.

    I would let people edit but not delete, so I can see something was said even if I don't see what, for moderation purpose. Likewise I would want to be able to delete for moderation purposes, but I wouldn't want my servers moderation staff to edit the users posts...The audit log needs more info too.

  • HowDenKing

    This should definitely be a thing for moderation purposes.
    People posting things and then editing or deleting them makes it harder for server owners to report, and even moderate conversations.
    Bots are a terrible bandaid to this issue, bots shouldn't bring basic functionality.

  • JohannLau

    I’d like such feature. You can invite logging bots like [this one](http://Loggerbot.net ). Invite it, create a logging channel, and type !channel #log.

  • asterialunanyx

    I agree that this should be a thing and that bots shouldn't be a bandaid for everything and that it should be built into discord system. Saying "just get a bot" is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Stop telling people to install bots. Not everyone wants alot of bots in their server.