Make Animated Emojis Free



  • Zacatero
    I dont know... A lot of people pay for nitro because of this feature
  • username
    Animated emojis are a Nitro feature and should stay that way. Nitro is one of the only ways that Discord makes their money, unless you would like to look at ads when you're trying to chat with friends. Animated emojis are not a "basic feature" as you called them, they are an added perk for those who support Discord.
  • Tiger
    Thats the point of nitro, to use animated emojis and such. If discord gave away that feature for free, it would make nitro less attractive to people.
  • username
    Animated emojis are not only a Nitro feature, they are one of the main Nitro perks. Because all core functions of Discord are free and Discord has stated that they will stay that way, Nitro is one of the only ways that Discord makes money, and therefore stays alive as a company. If Nitro perks started to become free, Discord would either have to become a paid subscription like many other apps or would fail as a company.
  • Timemaster111
    I agree that this is how discord makes money, but it would be nice to have it as a boost feature too (allow animated emojis from that server only) or make it so you can only use ones from your own servers in their respective servers
  • felix

    why u think nitro exists