Discriminator Change Idea



  • Jess Rogue

    +1, would prevent some from discriminator farming which can cause lag server side.

  • jett

    I always wanted to have #0001 but I don't wanna pay 5$ every month .

  • Draco
    Price might need to differ, $2.99 seems too low for a discriminator change. I do +1 the idea though!
  • Dongorongoro

    I would not consider $60 a year 'cheap'. In 5 years, that's $300!

    If it were a purely cosmetic thing, I'd agree that people should suck it up or pony up the cash, but it's actually functional — you need it to add someone to your friends list if you don't share a common server.

    As such, I agree, a one-time charge for a permanent chosen discriminator should be an option. If the other features of Nitro don't interest you, it's a rather steep price for the mere convenience of not having to look up what your discriminator number is when you need to give it to someone.

  • Jess Rogue

    Too low? I would say a dollar for the discriminator change!

  • Koldborg

    I would say $10 for a permanent change. People will mostly only buy this once, so fair price for it.

  • Aexhell

    Sounds pretty cool. +1

  • Hmmm

    +1, should be added!

  • joesmaller

    Honestly this is a feature that I really think should be added.

    Due to some financial issues, I've had to cancel my nitro subscription temporarily, but doing so opens my discord tag up to impersonation.

    The discriminator change isn't the primary reason why I subscribe to Nitro — but it is a very welcome feature.

    A single one time payment would solve this issue since I'm sure most people would continue to subscribe to nitro, even if they use a discriminator change purchase.