New Permission: Allowing users not to see the memberlist.



  • Zacatero
    In my opinion, a better version of this would be adding a permission to not show up on the memberlist because that way you can still have mods and admins visible. so everyone would be able to see the member list, but you'd be able to set up her mission so certain roles would not show up on it.
  • Bradley

    That's great! But you should be able to set it up for a per channel basis if that were the case. I edited my suggestion and put yours in there as well! :)

  • Frosty
    That's amazing! It should be absolutely added!!
  • vaccinatedape

    Hell yeah. Never thought of this but it sounds like a great idea.

  • LonM

    Bot flood spam is still a major issue. Having this permission would be a great help.

  • Kodiak_IT

    I concur with LonM, this is absolutely necessary with the rising amount of spam, within the past several months across three separate servers I've had bots trying to scam and spam on topics from Steam logins to cryptocurrency and this crap needs to stop.

  • phatso

    Bump on this. This would be a game changer - we could keep our users safe from scam/spam bots.