[Suggestion] Remove the member limit for Screensharing on servers



  • Draco
    Never experienced this, but if it's unnecessary I guess it should be removed.
  • KabanFriends

    I have a few servers that have screenshare.

    the screensharing was still there in the servers which has only around 1-20 members 

  • nickwtn

    Screen share is still unfortunately is still a experiment and therefore the following still applys, 5% of servers under 50 members and of that 5% it’s a completely random chance.. i’m sure when and if it’s no longer a experiment that will be removed but they are for sure not going to get rid of the under 50 members requirement

  • Black Mega Therion

    i just found out about this as well and its kinda depressing, its such a good feature to have especially to help guide someone through an area in a game they might get lost in.