Location Sharing



  • thetechguy
    make this an option at least. if not this would be a major major privacy issue.
  • undermaster.
    So you are asking for the one like on Snapchat where you can share your location? If this will show on servers too and they're on a big server, this would turn into a privacy issue. I really dont like this idea
  • boss
    I would see this as a major privacy issue.
  • AT

    just use messenger?

  • IcyMidnight

    This could be very useful for AR games (e.g. Pokemon Go) or communities that meet up in meatspace.

    Obviously it wouldn't be anyone who joined a server sharing their location real time, but if you could click a button and everyone in a text channel could see your location for 1, 2, 4, 12 or 24 hours that'd be very useful! You can start and stop when you want and you could see everyone who's currently sharing on a map.

  • cheerio

    for all of yall saying its a privacy concern...   do you know what a off switch is? have you ever toggled like...   anything? if you don't want people knowing where you are just opt out. the same thing is done on snapchat (the only platform I really know of that uses this concept.) you hit a button and then you not location sharing. or even better when you phone tells you discord want know your location just hit NO. 

  • United-Bikers

    Is there any update on that feature?
    I would also love to see that, v das war sie vor using a workaround with glympse.

    The idea of having one map for the sender (with opt-out of course) would be just awesome.

  • khan

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  • eirajeremy

    That's a great idea! Having a feature like location sharing would be really convenient. It would make it easier for people to meet up with each other by providing real-time updates of their locations. I can definitely see the usefulness of such a feature, especially when trying to coordinate plans or find each other in a crowded area. Being able to share my location would be really helpful in those situations.