Server Boost Business Model Concerns - Additional Payment Options Requested



  • Lełemburn

    I don't really like the idea of the admin having to pay for the features themselves, even with donations from server members it still seems too similar to just renting a voip server. I think that the amount of boosts needed for each tier should be dynamic (based on server size), this seems like a simple solution to the issue.

  • CannibalCountess

    I agree with you and had the thought myself, but that would allow people to exploit the feature by starting a small server, perma-boosting it, then inviting countless members. This is why I offered additional examples for potential options.

  • Lełemburn

    How would they perma-boost it if that feature isn't implemented?

  • CannibalCountess

    I will revisit my post ASAP and try to clarify as I provided other examples other than just "admin pays all".  Also, thank you for your feedback.

  • Phantomwalker

    Thanks for putting this suggestion in CannibalCountess.

    I agree with this 100%.

    I added my thoughts to another post on here where someone was suggesting they sell boosts:

    I also think they need more options. If they are concerned with people abusing it... the 7 day cool-down is still quite okay in my mind. Makes the boost far more valuable. But restricting it to only one boost per account only hurts the concept of it.

    Say I had the ability to earn boosts either by gifting parts of a subscription or a full year's worth or they had more payment model tiers that allowed you to gain additional boosts or guarantee that your contribution went to where you wanted it that would be great. That would definitely encourage me to buy into the Nitro support model more than it is right now.

    I signed up as soon as I heard about Discord Nitro to support the platform and the added extra's were nice little perks as I saw it but totally not necessary. This current model of server boosting feels a bit more like it punishes small communities for being small. Everyone has an equal chance to get the reward... but to do that with the current model you have to grow your community really large or bother your current members to buy into it. It leaves no option for someone who wants to do most of the lifting on their own to get any of the rewards for a community of their choice.

    And as I pointed out in my other post... It also feels unfair as a server owner to use my own boost on my own server if I have another server that has a better chance of using it.

  • thetechguy
    yeah aggreed with this