Let server owners disable direct messaging for their server



  • /usr/bin/lesnake

    Please do it, Discord

  • IE1

    We keep on getting bot DM advertised, and we literally can't do nothing about it.
    This hurts our server playerbase and our community.

    Please, add this.


  • NathanNorth
    yeah, i hope that it will be added
  • DMCPEPlaysOfficial

    That is what you can do to avoid this: Disable the options that have sense with sending messages and calling others for the role @everyone. Then, if you haven't yet, create a role called anything you want. Everybody that's not a bot, must have that role. If you don't like this idea, you can add a bot called AltDentifier or RoVer if you have a server that has sense with ROBLOX.

  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea. this would stop most scams.
  • Kawaii_brayden

    Please help me


    I've been victim of several traitors too, always joining my server and DMing all my members to move to other Discords. I can't mute them or ban if they don't speak or just "play along" with their new accounts. I'm also totally in for this idea to be able to disable DMbetween members who are no friends in the server!

  • ItsDrike

    I agree, but let the users decide, not server owners. There should be a option for each server, to allow/disable sending DMs from that server.


    Most people aren't smart enough to disable it themselves and it wouldn't prevent people trying to steal members from a server to advertise to those innocent people who are fine with DMs of other normal people. If a server is a target, you don't want any member to get such messages from attackers. It should definately be a serverowner option.

  • Pramsing

    It is already an option for members to disable direct DMs per server, but that does not solve the problem, as explained by @FEARIV


    duplicate of https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029391971-Add-a-server-setting-to-disallow-private-messages-to-users


    1634 upvotes and still not implemented

    We need an alternative to discord that cares more about members theft than the money they can make from the "private" message content

  • corry

    I agree, Discord should counter DM advertisers by letting owners disable invite codes to the least, if not messages entirely, so hard working staff for communities can continue to grow without being affected negatively. I know many staff members who work hard to build their communities and yes, there are moderator bots that prevent invites in servers, but not in DMs. It's unfair that many servers lose a a chunk of their population because people take advantage of the current system.

  • Lachee

    Verified Servers and other public servers are very susceptible to DM spam. Adding the ability to set the users default DM preference for the server would save a ton of reports and issues of users getting random dms. As a verified server, I have no reason to have dms enabled from the server, but by making it the users pretence, they can later enable it if they wish.

  • The Incremental Nerd

    bruh discord is so lazy that even sans can beat them in a race

  • CryptoGrounds

    this crypto advertising dm spam is just getting irritating now. wake up Discord!

  • Nirjonadda

    Please make under consideration for implementation this functionality !

  • Dust

    I really hoped that Discord would do this option as it's not just about the bots, but also the trolls.

  • astro

    Very much needed, especially ever since Public Servers and Server Discovery are now a thing...

  • Chance

    Yup and actual humans often come to DM advertise, and it often saps away my already small userbase/ activity without doing anything really time-consuming, meanwhile I spend all this time partnering and trying to grow my server.

  • dent77x

    Discord are not doing anything to stop the DM spam because they are the ones making money from it. 99% of the bots are discords own spam bots that they use to spam all the servers they have access to, aka all servers. This is why they are so reluctant to do anything at all to stop the spamming.

    It would be extremely easy to add a few options like DM filters, DM verification, DM blocked for certain groups etc etc. But they add NONE of these things because then they cant continue to spam their own clients.

    Discord, prove me wrong if you can.



    Discord does make money from every single message posted on discord, direct message or not, it's clearly stated in their TOU. No need for any conspiracy theory.

    They won't limit DMs because that would reduce the amount of messages and therefore  the amount of money they make from monetizing message content.

    They would add that option only if everyone drops discord because of this problem, but at the moment they don't have any real competition so I wouldn't count on that.

    I would honestly buy premium membership if they gave us that option.

  • dent77x

    Alright, thanks for replying. Just wanted to stir the pot to see what the heck was going on.

  • alwaystired

    Here's another reason for it:

    I found myself in the role of admin for a discord community centered around an online college. They lack an official chatroom.

    I'd like to be able to set it up so that if they aren't on each other's friends list and don't share any other servers, and our server is the only server they have in common, then they can't DM each other.

    Why? because then we can say to our college: "we can 100% guarantee that academic dishonesty and plagiarism does not occur over our server."

  • dent77x

    At least let us add filters for DM's so they cant send specific words / sentences / URL's without getting kicked/warning or similar!

    This was already available on stuff like directconnect and mirc 20 years ago so it cant be that hard to implement lol

  • Karam

    As a server owner, I approve of this thread entirely. You don't want to allow people to DM others in your server without properly asking for permission, but also don't want to exclude the DM'ing in the first place, since some communicate that way/don't do well publicly. 

    Regardless of solution, as a server owner of quite the packed server, I really want this feature to happen! Upvoted*

  • JaJe

    I don't have hopes anymore for Discord to actually do something about. I've seen tons of feedbacks and still no solution about this.

  • dent77x

    Temporary solution

    Created a new channel on the server called "Lobby".

    Set the permissions on the channel Lobby so that only users in the user group "New User" can see it. While it is not visible for any other group.

    Set all other channels permissions so that the group "New user" can NOT see them.

    Made new users that connect automatically join the two user groups "New user" and "Basic user".

    Made a permanent post with MEE6 in the channel Lobby that when users react to the message they are removed from the "New user" group.

    Users that react to the message in Lobby channel become only "Basic users" and can see the other channels.


    This makes it very very hard for bots to connect and spam all users in DM because in the Lobby there will only be one user (the bot(s) itself), and the admins. And bots are really bad at reacting to a message, because the message can be different and the react emoji different and on a different place on the screen etc. on each server.

  • Pramsing

    @dent77x this doesn't work. Bots can still see all members of the discord, and they can still dm them.
    Even Discord's own email, mobile, and time verification methods don't work on bots.

    Besides, bots can easily react to messages. Don't know why you're convinced otherwise.
    Bots don't care where the emoji button is on the screen, as proper bots don't use the screen. 

    The only real solution to this problem is limitting who can send DMs. But Discord has proven they don't care about this issue, so it obviously won't happen.
    Personally, I made a bot that requires users to complete a captcha within 3 minutes of joining. If they don't complete the captcha within 3 minutes of joining, they get kicked. Basically, bot's have 3 minutes to dm advertise and then they get kicked. 
    This is an awful solution. But it's the best solution I've come up with, or ever seen/heard of.

    Discord just needs to start caring about their users who have large discord servers, because at the moment, they definitely do not.

  • dent77x

    I am sorry to argue about this, but you are actually wrong. Bots can only see other members in same channel. Making the permissions the way I said makes them only see the admin (me) and the moderators I have chosen, They do not see ANY other members when they connect. I can prove this with a screenshot if you like.

    Bots can not easily react to a message. They can easily do a lot of things, but they can not distinguish a message from another as easily as you seem to think. Only when the person that programs the bot to specifically reply correctly to the exact message I put can they react correctly.


    The proof is in the pudding. I had 0 spam in DM since.

  • MissJessica

    My server is currently an active target to spammers and raiders and we have a few solutions to combat server side raids. We use Altfender to stop mass joining and kicks the bots. also I have built a reaction wall with CUSTOM reactions as the bots cannot click custom reactions (from experiance) but DM advertising is somthing we cannot stop as it is not server based and is also somthing AltDefender cannot stop as it is usually actual people not bots doing it and only gets flagged to us if someone reports it.


    I have an idea to help combat DM spam.


    Although I am all for discord implementing this idea they most likely won't even though it is against there TOS.


    This idea also breaks there TOS on self bots so it is highly not recommended  and would most likely get your server and accounts disabled but the idea is this...

    You make a few bait accounts and make there names show up at the top of the user list with a custom username like !ProGamerx when the advertiser DMs the bait account it will tell the actual bot on the server to flag there account for advertising so staff can deal with them.

    It is like fishing, but for spammers


    This solution obiously isn't a thing but if someone would make some kind solution similar to this it would not be a 100% solution but it would be a start.